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EPN's new Executive Director: Rev. Baraka Kabudi

EPN's new Executive Director: Rev. Baraka Kabudi

On 1st January 2013, the board of the Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network (EPN) appointed Rev. Baraka Kabudi as the new Executive Director of EPN. Donna Kusemererwa will be leaving the EPN secretariat at the end of January, after 4 years of commitment to the Network.

"Following the publication of the vacancy notice for the EPN Executive Director position in March 2012, 15 applications were received. The EPN Board assisted by a Nairobi based management consultancy firm oversaw the recruitment process and in October 2012 Rev. Baraka Kabudi was identified as the most suitable candidate. He was appointed as Deputy Executive Director effective 5 November 2012 and took over the position of EPN Executive Director from Donna Kusemererwa  on 1st of January 2013. Donna is leaving the EPN secretariat at the end of January.

Rev. Baraka Kabudi is a God fearing health professional with over 12 years working experience in a diverse career in industrial pharmacy (implementing GMP compliance standards in India, Tanzania and Kenya), community and hospital pharmacy in the faith-based, private and public sector. He has successfully led, managed and provided technical assistance to programmes on the procurement, supply and distribution of essential medicines for faith-based health facilities in Tanzania. Baraka is also an experienced trainer in supply and warehouse operations management, quality assurance and rational use of medicines. Before joining EPN, Rev. Kabudi was supply chain pharmacist of EPN member Mission for Essential Medical Supply (MEMS), a project under the Health Care Programme of Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT). Previously he has worked as Production Manager at Tanzania Pharmaceutical Industries Limited (TPI) in Tanzania and as a Production Consultant at Universal Corporation Limited in Nairobi, Kenya.

The EPN Board Chair, Albert Petersen, on behalf of the board thanks Ms Kusemererwa for four years of good communication and cooperation with the EPN board and especially with the EPN board chair. A great part of the positive picture the EPN evaluation is presenting is created by her great commitment. Not only the board, also the staff and the members, the total Network benefited from her in many different ways." (EPN)

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