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Medico international, CWGH and Health Poverty Action joined the Medicus Mundi International Network

Medico international, CWGH and Health Poverty Action joined the Medicus Mundi International Network

Amsterdam, 10 October 2012. At the Extraordinary Assembly of the Medicus Mundi International Network, Medico international, the Community Working Group on Health (CWGH) and Health Poverty Action were admitted as new members of the Network. Welcome!

Medico international is a NGO based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, supporting partners all around the world financially and through networks of solidarity: "We are working with a human rights based approach to achieve the right to health for all. Alongside with emergency relief work and the support of local initiatives, public relations such as campaigning, advocacy and networking on topics like global health, Israel/Palestine or the ill effects of land grabbing play an important role in our daily work."

The Community Working Group on Health is a network of civic/community based organizations who aim to collectively enhance community participation in health in Zimbabwe. The CWGH was formed in early 1998 to take up health issues of common concern. At an international level, CWGH is partnering with the People’s Health Movement in the Right to Health Campaign; it is also a member of the Regional Network in Equity in Health in East and southern Africa (EQUINET), and the Health Civil Society in East and Southern Africa.

Health Poverty Action, known as Health Unlimited prior to 2010, was founded in 1984 by a group of British doctors working for large aid organisations in Afghanistan. Health Poverty Action sees itself as having been born out of the primary health care movement, a few years after Alma Ata. Health Poverty Action’s wants to strengthen poor and marginalised people in their struggle for health, prioritising those missed out by almost everyone else.

The three new Network members will certainly strengthen the Network and its programs. 

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