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Get involved in global health

Get involved in global health
The MMI blog. "Why should NGOs dealing with international health cooperation get involved in global health, in high politics, debates on issues such as the reform of the World Health Organization or the development of a new global coordination mechanism for NCDs?"
As many representatives of the Medicus Mundi International Network you might answer: "Good question. I do not know why I should. And now please let me continue my work. Got many reports to write. Many funding applications to screen. And problems to resolve with our local partners."
I do not mind. I even do not mind if you ask me: "And anyhow, what do you think that we can change at a global level?" I also agree with you that it makes sense to share tasks among people and institutions working in different ways towards the shared vision of health for all.

Nevertheless, I do not like to ask those academics specialized in global health issues or that couple of highly professional lobbyists working for those few highly professional international NGOs to represent my voice and my interests in the global arena.

Also in smaller NGOs and NGO networks there are people interested and able to get involved in global health issues. Not following all the "hot" issues, but some of them. Not knowing everything, but trying to learn and share. Not getting always involved, but sometimes at least. I will do this - join me, if you dare.
Thomas Schwarz, Executive Secretary, MMI Network



Get involved in global health!

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