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Survey on the results of MMI's involvement in catholic Bishops conferences

Survey on the results of MMI's involvement in catholic Bishops conferences

A long history is linking the Medicus Mundi International Network (MMI) with private not-for-profit (PNFP) and mainly faith-based health institutions, be it as members of the Network or as partners or beneficiaries of its activities. Since the year 2000, MMI has deepened its relations with PFNP health services providers with the objective to help them cope with the transformation of their working environment and convince them of the necessity to adapt to these changes (= “strategic positioning” approach).

As the need for support in strategical positioning of their health services was mainly expressed to the Medicus Mundi International Network by catholic institutions, MMI focused its strategy on sensitizing and supporting catholic Bishops, the owners of the catholic church’s health services, in a series of regional and national meetings and conferences related to the “Healing Ministry” of the church. 

In order to learn from the past experiences, to take into account the current situation (expectations of the stakeholders, needs of the partner institutions, changes in the environment and current trends) and to further involve its members in this endeavour, MMI decided to review its strategic focus and the related activities. 

From this limited and selective review (we called it a "survey" rather) MMI expected  key information and recommendations that would help to (re-)formulate our intervention strategy related to the support of private not-for-profit health institutions in the field of strategic positioning, and, if necessary, to reorient its activities.

Survey carried out by the MI Würzburg: In April, the Medicus Mundi International Network and the Medical Mission Institute Würzburg (MI) agreed that the Medical Mission Institute would undertake the survey for MMI. Based on detailed Terms of Reference and on a list of audiences, both developed by the MMI STR working group, the survey was undertaken by three public health consultants, all employed by the Medical Mission Institute:  Klemens Ochel, Marlies Reulecke, and Piet Reijer. Their report to Medicus Mundi International is available now.

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Thomas Schwarz
MMI Executive Secretary

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