Sharing knowhow and joining forces towards Health for All
Nov 01, 2019 - Nov 30, 2019

How to advance cooperation and solidarity beyond aid

Screenshot from: "A luta continua"
Screenshot from: "A luta continua"

Kampala, November 2019. A workshop organized by Medicus Mundi International together with interested civil society partners within and beyond the Network shall provide another space for sharing and strategizing among civil society organizations engaged in or dealing/struggling with “aid”. 

After some initial internal conversations, the MMI working group on Effective Health Cooperation is currently drafting a basic concept note for this "East Africa workshop" and will reach out to potential partners and/or co-hosts in early July, asking them about their interest and availability to joining the planning process and providing input to make the workshop relevant and successful.

Our starting points:

  • Continue and deepen the conversation on legitimacy, relevance and effectiveness of health cooperation between “northern NGOs” and critical civil society actors in the “global South” (as recently done in our workshops at the Astana PHC conference and the Dhaka People’s Health Assembly);
  • Support those with critical first-hand experience with or affected by international health cooperation to feed their voices into the debate at all levels;
  • Formulate, promote, disseminate and seek political traction for a critical narrative on cooperation and solidarity beyond aid;
  • Focus on particular concrete cases that can be seen as catalytic.

If you are interested to engage in the planning of this workshop, let us know by 7 July. Please send a short message to the MMI Secretariat, and we will include you in the list of organizations receiving the concept note and call for joining the team.

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