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Health cooperation beyond aid: What key topics for 2019?

Health cooperation beyond aid: What key topics for 2019?

Basel, 6 November 2018. The Board of the Medicus Mundi International Network and its working group on Effective Health Cooperation invited all MMI Network members to join them for an open planning meeting on “Health cooperation beyond aid - what key topics for 2019?” on Tuesday, 6 November 2018, in Basel, related to the Symposium “Health for All by 2030: On the Right Track, or on the Verge of Failing?” organized by Medicus Mundi Switzerland on 7 November.

Ahead of the planning meeting, the MMI secretariat sent out the following call to MMI Network members:

“What are your current key topics in your work in the field of international health cooperation ? What critical issues and trends find your particular attention? What concepts, methods, practices do you want to share and promote – or are you struggling with?

After a more general round of discussing international health cooperation, its relevance, legitimacy and effectiveness over the last two years, we now want to focus our conversation and activities on the realities of the MMI members and other NGOs engaged in health cooperation, reacting to your specific demand.

In our 2018 workshops, we already dealt with particularly challenging realities of health cooperation: How to make sure that new technologies such as eHealth and mHealth will not rather lead to new dependencies and new inequity and add to the burden and confusion of those who are responsible for health care planning and delivery? (April 2018) What is to be done to prevent and properly respond to cases of sexual exploitation and misconduct in international health cooperation?  (May 2018).

So what is next on your and our common agenda? Please send us a short input on a critical issue, particular concept, method or practice related to your work in the field of health cooperation that your organization is currently dealing with and in which you might like to involve the other Network members in a similar way as we have done it in this year with the topics above.”

The workshop

In addition to the input provided ahead of the meeting, the participants of MMI’s Open Board Meeting collected further key topics raised by the present member organisations, discussing and assessing them based on their potential of addressing them in a bilateral or collective way.

After the meeting, participants and other Network members were invited to share further information about key topics via “mmi members” mailing list and to launch joint activities in agreed fields at a bilateral or Network level.

  • The meeting report can be ordered at the Network Secretariat.

Basel events, 6-7 November 2018

The MMI planning meeting was be followed by an evening session with the screening of the movie “A luta continua” and a panel discussion with Ivan Zahinos, Medicus Mundi Mediterrània and Francisco Songane, the former Minister of Health of Mozambique. On Most MMI remained in Basel to attend, on the following day, the Symposium of Medicus Mundi Switzerland on “Health for All” by 2030: On the right track, or on the verge of failing?

  • Symposium documentation: here
  • Photos from the symposium: here
  • Input by Thomas Schwarz, MMI Executive Secretary, on "Calling for a New International Economic Order - a forgotten element of the Alma-Ata Declaration"



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