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A luta continua! Strengthening or weakening health systems? Workshop at the Annual Assembly of MMI

Screenshot from "A luta continua" (Medicus Mundi Catalunya, 2014)
Screenshot from "A luta continua" (Medicus Mundi Catalunya, 2014)

Geneva, 23 May 2015. "A luta continua" ("the struggle continues") was the rallying cry of the FRELIMO movement during Mozambique’s war for independence. The phrase is Portuguese but was used by FRELIMO leader Samora Machel to cultivate popular support against the Portuguese colonial presence. Today, "a luta continua" is a strong slogan for the ongoing need to reflect about the influence of international health cooperation and a globalized health business on national health systems.

"Since achieving independence in 1975, Mozambique is a country in constant change. In this context, governments, foundations, NGOs and companies declare noble intentions in order to improve the precarious health situation of the population. The documentary 'A Luta Continua' reviews the achievements, challenges and difficulties in order to build a health system for all in an increasingly unequal country where, sometimes, aid strategies do not always walk in the same direction." (Introduction by Medicus Mundi Catalunya).

Based on the documentary "A luta continua" produced by Medicus Mundi Catalunya, and referring to the case of Mozambique, we intended to provide an opportunity for the dialogue on what it takes to strengthen – or weaken – a national health system. However, our planned public side event to the World Health Assemblyhad to be cancelled and was replaced by an internal workshop on the same topic for the participants and guests of the Annual Assembly of MMI. We apologize for the inconvenience caused for those who wanted to join us.

Documentary and background information
A luta continua

Network Health for All: Annual Assembly of the MMI Network
Geneva, 23 May 2015


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