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Apr 10, 2014

How to address sexual violence and HIV

How to address sexual violence and HIV

Bern, 10 April 2014, conference. Sexual violence is a fundamental violation of human rights and has a direct impact on the health and wellbeing of people, especially women. Research shows that violence is a major cause of HIV transmission, but also a consequence of HIV infection.

The conference explores how sexual and gender based violence increases vulnerability to HIV, AIDS and other STIs. It highlights current interventions to address the consequences of sexual violence on the health of women, children and men. Based on experiences and best practice, the conference will explore programming and key actions addressing the consequences of sexual violence on HIV in protection of the survivors of sexual violence. The focus is on sharing of experiences and information and learning from each other.


  • Information, sharing of experiences and joint learning with a focus on the doing level
  • Understanding links between sexual rights, human rights abuse and HIV
  • Finding solutions on how to deal with the consequences of sexual violence to avoid HIV infection (post rape care)
  • Identify key actions “Preparedness for dealing with the HIV consequences of sexual violence” (checklist)
  • Commitment for follow up with South partners

Please safe the date, more information soon!

The conference is co-organized by, a platform coordinated by Medicus Mundi Switzerland, and its member terre des hommes schweiz.

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