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Feb 20, 2014 - Feb 22, 2014

Beyond Aid: From Charity to Solidarity

Beyond Aid: From Charity to Solidarity

Frankfurt, 20-22 February 2014. 'Beyond Aid', a heading that is known in the development discourse for quite some years, has now become a prominent talking point. However the critique of aid is complex. Some would like to totally replace aid by self responsibility, others charge that aid can only mitigate misery and is thus stabilizing inequality. Precisely because so different actors such as the World Bank, think tanks with government links, NGOs and independent grassroots organizations are coming together under “Beyond Aid”, we would like to strengthen our understanding of it: as the focal point for cooperation in solidarity which goes beyond aid and tackles the structural causes of need.

The second Frankfurt Conference on Aid will discuss ideas and ways of international cooperation that aim at sustainable change. What must we do to prevent the idea of global responsibility from deteriorating into legitimizing interventions motivated by power politics? What is needed to go beyond simply declaring the universal nature of human rights and instead make them a reality for all? How must we change the practice and the institutions of aid? Do we need a paradigm shift in international cooperation?

The conference will deal critically with an issue of growing importance for aid organizations, development policy-makers and also for the general public – not least in the light of the Post–2015 agenda. 

Second Frankfurt Conference on Aid organized by medico international in cooperation with the Institute for Social Research (IfS, Frankfurt University), the Heinrich Böll Foundation (hbs) and the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (RLS).


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