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Dec 15, 2012

Mothers and children first: initial steps

Mothers and children first: initial steps

Rome, 15 December 2012. DWA Cuamm will bring together stakeholders and institutional delegates from Uganda: Christine Ondoa, Minister of Health; Jane Aceng, general manager of Ministry of Health; Dr. Sam Orach, accountable of Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau; Mons. Franzelli, bishop of Lira. Italian Ministries (Health, Cooperation and Foreign Ministry), Vatican institutions and of Italian Episcopal Conference, international organizations, professional associations, universities (professors, students and interns) and private foundations will be also presents together with our volunteers and operators.

In this occasion we will discuss about innovation and research on Maternal, Neonatal and Child Care and present the results of CUAMM's five year project Mothers and children first started a year ago.

Will be showing the activities implemented and the improvement of four hospitals (in Ethiopia, Uganda, Angola and Tanzania), underlining the outcomes and the use of innovative methodologies and tools.

Free entry, until capacity available. Save the date!

Invitation by DWA Cuamm for MMI Network members:
Letter by Don Dante Carraro, PDF


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