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Primary Health Care and cooperation: A utopia? Jubilee Assembly 50 years of Medicus Mundi Spain - 50 years of Medicus Mundi International Network

Primary Health Care and cooperation: A utopia? Jubilee Assembly 50 years of Medicus Mundi Spain - 50 years of Medicus Mundi International Network

Barcelona, 7-8 June 2013. The Jubilee events of the Federation of Medicus Mundi Spain (MM Spain) started with a scientific conference on “Primary Health Care and Cooperation: A utopia?”. The Assembly of MMI on Saturday morning was held in parallel with the MM Spain Jubilee Assembly . Further jubilee side events took plaace from Friday to Sunday. Many thanks to MM Spain and to Medicus Mundi Catalunya for having invited MMI to Barcelona!


Program of events

Friday, 7 June 2013


Scientific Conference “Primary Health Care and cooperation: A utopia?” at Colegio Oficial de Médicos de Barcelona


Reception at the City Hall




Saturday, 8 June 2013


Medicus Mundi International Network: General Assembly

The full documentation of the Assembly is available now in the internal section of our website. Please get in touch with the MMI secretariat if you have access problems (Network members only)

Annual Report 2012 of the MMI Network: see here




Session about the history of Medicus Mundi
(related MMI papers: see below)


Dinner: 50 Years of Medicus Mundi

Sunday, 9 June 2013


Visit to the Sagrada Familia

Map of the locations:


50 Years of Medicus Mundi International

2013 is a special year for the Medicus Mundi International Network. We celebrate the 50th anniversary of its foundation. An annex to the Annual Report 2012 of the MMI Network followed for once a “top down” approach, collecting voices and portraits of the Network’s presidents since its origin.

And one of the former presidents, Edgar Widmer, was invited by Medicus Mundi Spain to contribute to their Jubilee event with his personal view of the history of MMI.

On the other hand, in 2013, the MMI Network will be mainly busy with shaping our future: A midterm review of the MMI Network strategy 2011-15 has been taking place in the second quarter of 2013. First results were discussed at a workshop during the Barcelona Assembly.


Primary Health Care and cooperation: A utopia? Draft program of the scientific conference on Friday, 7 June 2013


Program element



Registration desk opens



Opening of the Conference

Xavier Trias, Mayor of Barcelona

Miquel Vilardell, President of COMB

Enrique Revilla, President of MM Spain

Rosa Puigpinós, President of MM Catalunya


Panel I: Evolution and determining factors in Primary Health Care (PHC)

Chair: Anna Cirera, Fundación CSAI


From Alma Ata to present

Ilaria Camplone, MD, Centre for International Health, University of Bologna


Determining social, political and economic factors to have a PHC system in 2013. Is universal PHC possible?

Gemma Tarafa, PhD, Group on Research of Inequalities  in Health, University Pompeu Fabra





Panel II: Basic elements of PHC

Chair: Sergio Galán, MD, Health Area AECID


Health system financing:  Fragmentation, management procedures

Jean-Pierre Unger, PhD, Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp


Human Resources

Remco van de Pas, MD, Wemos Foundation (we published his paper for the conference in the MMI "get involved" blog)


Essential medicines

Germán Velásquez, PhD, South Center





Panel III: Experiences in PHC

Chair: Cristina Alvarez, MD and anthropologist, MM Spain


MM experiences in PHC

Nacho Sánchez, MM Navarra

Ivan Zahinos, MM Catalunya

José Luís Ayerbe, MM Andalucía


Panel IV: Reflections about the present and the future of NGOs

Chair: Francesc Mateu, Federación Catalana de ONG



Michael Narberhaus, Smart CSOs CIC

Pau Vidal, Observatorio del Tercer Sector


Conclusions, closing

Joaquim Gascón, MD,  Hospital Clínic, Investigador del CRESIB,  Comitè Científico de las Jornadas

18:15 End of the conference




Ask the MMI secretariat for a selection of photographs from the MMI General Assembly and the visit to Sagrada Familia!

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