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Credit: Adam Hinton / Plan (taken from event announcement)
Credit: Adam Hinton / Plan (taken from event announcement)

Madrid, 17 June 2011. The seminar discussed the implementation of the WHO Code of Conduct on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel. It is organised by the General Directorate for Planning and Evaluation of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Action "Health professional migrations between Latin America and Europe: creating chances for shared development", MPDC and Action for Global Health. The seminar is addressed to health experts from agencies and ministries of foreign affairs, HR managers from ministries of health care and other public officers involved in the implementation of the Code.

Remco van de Pas, Wemos, and Carlos Mediano, FAMME, represented the MMI Network at the seminar. Remco van de Pas gave an input on the Dutch example of civil society coordination (see: Chances for Change)

For more information about international migration and recruitment of health personnel and the WHO Code of Practice: see our thematic guide HRH migration

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