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Mother and child health - before and past 2015. MMI Network meeting and conference

A mother and child at a health post doorway in Sarlahi, Nepal. © 2007 Joanne Katz, Courtesy of Photoshare
A mother and child at a health post doorway in Sarlahi, Nepal. © 2007 Joanne Katz, Courtesy of Photoshare

Brescia, Italy, 27-28 October 2011. The Medicus Mundi International Network appreciated very much the kind invitation by Medicus Mundi Italy to hold its Network meeting in Brescia. The related conference and workshop on mother and child health was timely, as improving mother and child health is a key concern of many members of the Medicus Mundi International Network. With only three years ahead to the 2015 deadline of the Millennium Development Goals, the time was also appropriate to discuss the future scenarios of the efforts concerning the health of all the mothers and children in the world. The conference documentation with all the inputs is available now:


Documentation: Speakers and inputs

Morning session:
(Re-)Setting the scene. Mother and Child Health before and after 2015

The morning session provided a series of keynote inputs on the future of mother and child health after the "hype" around the Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5: Will, after 2015, mother and child health still be high on the international agenda? How to integrate mother and child health into the overall strategy of health systems strengthening?

  • Francesco Castelli, Medicus Mundi Italy
    Mother and child health depends on strong health systems
    > presentation as pdf
  • Fabio Uxa, World Health Organization
    Strategies to reduce neonatal mortality in sub-Saharan Africa
    > presentation as pdf
  • Giovanni Putoto, Doctors with Africa Cuamm
    Equity and social protection of mothers and children: key steps towards universal coverage
    > presentation as pdf
  • Stefan Germann, World Vision / Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health PMNCH
    Advocacy for maternal, newborn and child health: the role and agenda of civil society
    > presentation as pdf
  • Carlo Giaquinto, Paediatric European Network for Treatment of AIDS
    HIV and mother and child health: Keep the issue high on the agenda!
    > presentation as pdf

Keynotes followed by a podium with the speakers. Moderators: Nick Lorenz, Medicus Mundi International Network, and Giampiero Carosi, University of Brescia

Afternoon session:
Mother and Child Health: market place for stories and plans

The afternoon session provided a market place - or call it a "share fair" - for MMI Network members and other workshop participants interested in sharing know-how and joining forces related to concrete programs and projects.

  • Cecilia Capello, Enfants du Monde / Medicus Mundi Switzerland
    Birth and emergency preparedness to increase maternal and newborn health services utilization
    > presentation as pdf
  • Christina de Vries, Cordaid
    Addressing the availability of community midwives in remote areas. Plans for a Community of Change
    > presentation as pdf
  • Fausta Prandini, CeTAmb, University of Brescia
    Clean water and hygienic waste disposal, what engineering can add to improve MCH
    > presentation as pdf
  • Berlinda Ng’ang’a, Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network EPN
    Availability and accessibility of key children’s medicines – a key issue for EPN
    > presentation as pdf
  • Christine Häfele-Abah, action medeor
    Action plan for paediatric ARV
    > presentation as pdf
  • Monica Di Vico, Smile Train Italy
    Transferring complex and serious cases to specialized Italian hospitals for surgery
    > presentation as pdf

Inputs followed by discussions with the presenters and first conclusions (by Thomas Schwarz, Medicus Mundi International Network, available as pdf). Moderators:  Fabian Schumacher, Medicus Mundi Italy, and Giovanni Putoto, Doctors with Africa Cuamm.



  • Medicus Mundi Italy: Fabian Schumacher and Monica Franchi - and many thanks to Francesco Castelli and to the whole team of Medicus Mundi Italy for your great support and hospitality!
  • Medicus Mundi International Network: Nick Lorenz and Thomas Schwarz
  • Thanks to Giovanni Putoto, Doctors with Africa Cuamm


Feedback and resources

photo: CUAMM
photo: CUAMM
  • Press cuttings related to the Brescia conference:
    > Giornale di Brescia, 29 October 2011: pdf
    > Brescia Oggi, 30 October 2011: pdf
  • How did you like the conference? What could be the topic of the MMI Network meeting next year? Please send your comments and suggestions to: Thank you!


Medicus Mundi International: Network meeting

Thursday, 27 October 2011 in Brescia. The documentation of the MMI Board meeting and extraordinary Assembly is available in the internal section of the MMI ePlatform.


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