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MMI Network Meeting: Kick-off event for the Network Strategy 2011-2015

MMI Network Meeting: Kick-off event for the Network Strategy 2011-2015

Amsterdam, 5 November 2010, MMI Network meeting as a starting point for the implementation of our Network Strategy 2011-2015. The meeting hosted by our Dutch member Wemos was a full day event:

  • Morning: Workshop on "Health systems strengthening"
    What does HSS mean for us? What do we as an NGO contribute? Key issues? Are there proposals for related programs of the MMI Network (sharing know-how and joining forces) or joint ventures of Network members?
  • Afternoon: Extraordinary Assembly
    Admission of new Network members (see news: EPN and ACHAP will join the MMI Network); secretariat agreement with MM Switzerland; MMI budget 2011.
  • Afternoon: Executive Board Meeting
    Modalities of work of the MMI Executive Board (continued from May); outlining the framework for the EB and secretariat work plans 2011.

The meeting documentation is available in the internal section of the MMI ePlatform. Get in touch with the MMI secretariat for temporary access to the documents.

Related events:

The day before the meeting (Thursday, 4 November 2010, afternoon), there was be a meeting of the MMI Human Resources for Health working group in The Hague.

The week after the MMI meeting (Thursday, 11 November 2010) there was a MMI workshop on Health Systems Research and NGOs: building up mutually beneficial partnerships in Antwerp, Belgium. With this side event to a colloquium of the Institute of Tropical Medicine, we launched the "research partnerships" part of the MMI Network Strategy 2011-15.

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