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The future of the global AIDS response

The future of the global AIDS response

Bern, 14 April 2010. The global economic crisis that has induced cutbacks in the spending of Government and international donors also threatens efforts for an effective response to HIV and AIDS. In addition, a ‘backlash’ against disease-specific initiatives (“exeptionalism response”) can be observed in the international arena. On the other hand, HIV and AIDS with a present high of 33.4 million people living with HIV remains a serious global problem, reaching out beyond the health sector – and a united concerted effort is needed more than ever.

What are the implications of these changes and debates on macro level for Swiss NGOs working in the field of HIV, AIDS and international cooperation? What are the implications for prevention, for treatment programmes and/or on programmes for psychosocial support? How can the demand for universal access to comprehensive prevention, treatment, care and support by 2015 still be met?

The documentation of the annual conference of, the Swiss platform for HIV/AIDS and international cooperation organized by Medicus Mundi Switzerland, is available now as well as a themed issue of the Bulletin of Medicus Mundi Switzerland with contributions by Helena Zweifel, Andreas Loebell, Stefan Germann, Florence Ajok Odoch, Médecins sans Frontières, Susanne Rohner, Robin Gorna, Frank Mischo, Christoph Fux and Karolin Pfeiffer.

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