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Side event to the World Health Assembly

Quest for Quality. Private not-for profit health institutions address the human resources crises

Photo: Cordaid
Photo: Cordaid

20th May 2009, technical meeting organised by Medicus Mundi International and Cordaid as a side event to the 62nd World Health Assembly.

The workforce crisis - still on your agenda?

  • 2006: “We will address and resolve the health workforce crisis.” (WHO)
  • 2009: The health workforce issue is not on the WHA agenda.
  • However, it remains on our agenda – and on yours?

The 2006 World Health Report “Working Together for Health” was dedicated to the health workforce. In the same year WHO launched the human resources decade. The Global Health Workforce Alliance convened the first Global Forum on Human Resources for Health which took place in Kampala, Uganda, in March 2008.

In 2009 the workforce issue has disappeared from the headlines and from the WHA agenda. The draft WHO code of practice on international recruitment of health personnel has been postponed to next year’s Assembly. Nevertheless, the issue remains high on our agenda.

Private not-for-profit organisations play a crucial role in health provision for the poor in many countries and struggle to become a fully integrated actor within the public health system. In the international debate their role is often overlooked.

The private not-for-profit sector has made significant contributions to reducing health personnel attrition rates with emphasis on improving retention of health workers deployed in often neglected rural areas. 

In a technical meeting organized as a side event to the 62nd WHA, MMI and Cordaid presented a number of these initiatives and discussed their implications for a national health workforce strategy.


Side event to the 62nd WHA

Quest for quality. Private not-for profit health
institutions address the health workforce crisis

Geneva, Switzerland, Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Speakers and Presentations:

Guus Eskens
Medicus Mundi International Network

José Utrera Cordaid Netherlands PPT (as PDF)
George A. Adjei National Catholic Health Services, Ghana PPT (as PDF)
Isaac Mpoza Kagimu Ugandan Catholic Medical Board, Uganda PPT (as PDF)
Friday Agaba
Ministry of Health, Uganda

George Dakpalah
Ministry of Health, Ghana

Jean Marc Braichet World Health Organization


Download the side event flyer: PDF, 1 MB

Photos of the side event: available soon


Photos of the event

Photos of the event

The following photos are available as high resolution pictures (3000 x 2000 pxls, 4MB each) at the MMI secretariat. Or order them in the size you need.

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2009Geneva-099k 2009Geneva-115k
2009Geneva-147k 2009Geneva-157k
2009Geneva-147k 2009Geneva-157k
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2009Geneva-171k 2009Geneva-166k
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2009Geneva-177k 2009Geneva-185k
2009Geneva-186k 2009Geneva-192k
2009Geneva-195k 2009Geneva-201k
2009Geneva-195k 2009Geneva-201k
2009Geneva-213_300 2009Geneva-223k



"Quest for Quality" - the report

"Quest for Quality" - the report

Cordaid "Quest for Quality" report: Download on MMI ePlatform
Cordaid "Quest for Quality" report: Introduction on MMI ePlatform

Cordaid is an international development organisation based in the Netherlands. Cordaid works with civil society organisations in around 33 countries in the areas of emergency aid and structural poverty eradication. Cordaid is a member of the MMI Network.

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