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Global Social Protection Scheme - Moving from Charity to Solidarity

Global Social Protection Scheme - Moving from Charity to Solidarity

Berlin, 14-16 May 2012. “Charity once was a driving force of what became social protection. It no longer is. Social protection is not about charity. When we pay our taxes or social insurance fees, we are not donors of aid, we are paying our dues; when we receive support in the form of subsidised health care or teachers for our children whose salaries have been paid, we are not recipients of aid. We pay our dues and we use our entitlements, and we consider it a collective effort to build a fair and equitable society. That is solidarity, not charity.

Can we imagine a funding mechanism for Global Social Protection between people living in different countries, relying on each other and supporting each other, contributing to a fair and equitable global society? – medico international and the Hélène de Beir Foundation can. We think that most people can adhere to the principles of Global Social Protection. We do not aim for a global social protection scheme that replaces national social protection schemes; we think that national social protection schemes will benefit from a global scheme. We think we can learn from social protection equalisation schemes, like they exist within and among many high-income countries (Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, and others). The objective of a three days expert workshop on Financing Global Social Protection was to challenge the metaphorical devil in the detail. We know we must move from global charity to global solidarity.”

Workshop Reader edited by Jens Holst on behalf of medico international and Hélène-de-Beir Foundation

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