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Health Unlimited

Illustration: Floor Adams
Illustration: Floor Adams

'Health Unlimited' is the initiative to make Dutch health care more sustainable, for our own sake and for the sake of people in far-off countries. The 'Health Unlimited' initiative was developed by Wemos.
Picture this. You have been admitted to hospital.
Your surgeon’s assistant is from a country that faces a serious shortage of health personnel. In her country, health workers are poorly paid, have no training opportunities, and work with outdated equipment.
The drugs you are given during your stay in hospital were tested unethically by Western pharmaceutical companies. Volunteering for the trial was the only way for people to get treatment or earn some money.
Health systems everywhere have become interconnected. An outbreak of influenza in one country can easily spread to others, including the Netherlands. And the way we operate in the Netherlands can have adverse effects on people’s health elsewhere.
Imagine a world where caring for ourselves can go hand in hand with caring for people’s health abroad.
We encourage everybody working in health to ensure fair care. For example, through sound national workforce planning, by making new vaccines available worldwide and by only accepting drugs that have been properly and ethically tested.
That’s 'Health Unlimited'.

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