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Photo: Health Poverty Action
Photo: Health Poverty Action

Millions of people worldwide are forced into poverty by having to pay for health services. Sign now and urge world leaders to make universal healthcare a priority in the new global development framework.

If you had to choose between a check-up at the doctors for yourself or providing dinner for your children, which would you choose?  

This is the decision many parents are forced to make, because they have to pay for health services on the spot. As you’d expect, many choose feeding their children, which means diseases go undetected and deaths occur needlessly.

Every day people die because they cannot afford the health services they need, and every day people are pushed into poverty because they are forced to pay for health services at times of desperate need.

Yet there is a solution to the problem. If health services were funded through taxation or social insurance systems everyone would be able to see a doctor when they needed to, without having to worry about the cost. Billions of people would live healthier lives. 

This concept of having access to quality health services without being forced into poverty to pay for it is known as Universal Health Coverage. It’s the concept that underpins the UK’s own celebrated NHS.

The Millennium Development Goals expire in 2015 and a new framework for ending poverty and improving wellbeing is being devised. If this new framework includes Universal Health Coverage, many needless deaths and illnesses would be prevented.

British Prime Minister David Cameron, Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono are advising the United Nations on the new framework. Please join us in urging them to include Universal Health Coverage in the new framework for development by signing this petition.

Poverty and poor health are a cycle; Universal Health Coverage will help break it. If you agree that health is a universal right, please support Universal Health Coverage.  

Please sign the petition and forward this on to as many people as possible. This really could save billions of lives around the world. 

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