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Civil Society call for action on universal health coverage

Civil Society call for action on universal health coverage

Healthcare around the World is unaffordable for millions of people. However, states are responsible for delivering universal access to health systems according to their legal commitments to the Right to Health. This is only possible if they develop sustainable financial health mechanisms to support strong and equitable national health systems.

To make Universal Health Coverage (UHC) a reality, there is still the need for greater political will both at national level - to put in practice the reforms needed - and at international level to promote and revitalise a general consensus towards ‘health for all’, facilitating technical support and additional resources. Making progress towards UHC will accelerate social and economic growth, is fundamental to sustainable development and is fair. 

For these reasons, a group of NGOs lead by Action for Global Health and including the MMI Network has been working on a common statement for UHC, asking for greater political support and promoting a joint movement for UHC. 

If your organisation wants to strengthen this global movement for UHC and endorse this document, please contact the campaign organizers at: To know more about the involvement of the MMI Network in this campaign, get in touch with the MMI Secretariat.

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