action medeor | “The development of bacterial resistances to antibiotics is a growing concern worldwide. Where antibiotics form the basis of modern medicine, the loss of their efficiency in the long term would have catastrophic repercussions. Therefore, the progress of resistances to antibiotics must be slowed.

action medeor, too, recognizes the danger associated with antibiotic resistances and wishes to help its partners in their sustainable use and handling of antibiotics. For this reason, the WHO classification of antibiotics “AWaRe” was added to the MediCat. With the help of this classification, the resistance potential of an antibiotic can be assessed and incorporated in the choice of therapy.

Antibiotics are categorized in the three groups ACCESS, WATCH and RESERVE:

  • ACCESS antibiotics have a low resistance potential and are effective against most pathogens. These medicines should be widely available, affordable and quality assured.
  • The WATCH group includes antibiotics which have a higher resistance potential and which are of the highest priority agents among the Critically Important Antimicrobial for Human Medicine. Therefore, these medicines should only be used in specific, clearly defined cases and should be prioritized as targets of stewardship programs and monitoring.
  • RESERVE antibiotics serve as last resort, when there are no other alternatives, for example in the case of an infection with a multi-drug resistant organism. Their use should also be the target of international monitoring programs.

All antibiotics provided by action medeor are labeled with their category on the MediCat, enabling you to make an informed decision.”

Source / more information:
action medeor news item, 18 October 2019
action medeor, Medical Aid Catalogue