Cordaid | The corona crisis shows how no one is safe unless everyone is safe. To fight against COVID-19 and other diseases, we must cooperate at the global level. Right now it’s extra important to invest in development cooperation, especially in global health. Because our health depends on the health of others. And most importantly, health is a human right. Investing more now is crucial to make our world healthier and safer. For us, but certainly for people in fragile countries. That is why Cordaid has launched a petition on global health, together with ONE – a global organisation that campaigns to eradicate extreme poverty and preventable diseases by 2030.

Through this petition, Cordaid, along with many other Dutch Civil Society Organisations and ONE, asks the future Dutch government to invest extra in development cooperation and global health. So that everyone in the world has access to affordable, accessible and good quality healthcare.

If you care about health for all, help us reach that goal.

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Source: Cordaid news