International health cooperation in today’s world calls for a major renewal. We need less of the classical Official Development Aid (ODA) approach, and more of modern, second-generation, cooperation principles and practices among countries and civil society organizations which can catalyze national health efforts and resources.

With this public side event to the Annual General Assembly of the MMI Network and to the World Health Assembly, the MMI working group on effective health cooperation (MMI EHC)  deepened the conversation on the future of health development cooperation launched last year in a workshop in Berlin.

Documentation and readings

  • Introduction and moderation by Thomas Schwarz
    PPT slides as PDF
  • Health cooperation beyond aid
    An introduction by Daniel Lopez Acuna, EASP / MMI EHC
    Download PDF
  • Health cooperation beyond aid: Questions for reflection
    Taken from the MMI EHC discussion paper, October 2016
    Download PDF
  • Reflecting about paradigm shifts…
    Editorial by Remco van de Pas, ITM IHP / MMI EHC
    Download PDF
  • Health Cooperation – Its relevance, legitimacy and effectiveness as a contribution to achieving universal access to health.
    MMI EHC discussion paper, October 2016
    Download PDF
  • Workshop photos to follow.