MMI Network | Compared with the “Year before Covid-19”, the year 2020 is definitely a different one, and a different reality. Already today, the ongoing pandemic is not only changing our world and our daily life, but also the environment and content of our work in the field of international health cooperation and global health governance. And it has done so in a way that was hardly imaginable a year ago. As one particular consequence, and after the ongoing cancellation of all face-to-face meetings including the World Health Assembly, the MMI Board decided to have also our own Assembly as an online event.

  • Save the Date: MMI Annual Assembly
    via Zoom online conference platform
    Friday 6 November, 17-19 hrs CEST

The main reason for postponing our Assembly to November is our strategic positioning and planning process in view of a “Network Strategy 2021-25”. Due to the Covid-19 related difficulties to “come together”, this process is taking longer than we initially expected after a great jump-start at an open Board meeting in November last year. The Board has since then met twice for intensive online workshops. In early September the Board will reach out to all Network members with an update and consultation, in view of validating and finalizing the draft strategy so that it can hopefully be adopted by the members at the Assembly in November. Stay tuned for more!

Thanks for your attention, and best regards,

Carlos Mediano, President
Thomas Schwarz, Executive Secretary