Kampala Initiative Webinar | National level health advocacy plays a vital role in our struggles to achieve health for all, and yet there is an alarming lack of funding for this work. We know we need more funding and resources, but the question is how should we go about securing this? And, how do we avoid recreating ago-old funding practises that prioritise donors voices over those of communities and civil society as new models emerge?

In recent months, a number of initiatives have arisen that aim to address these questions. For the next Kampala Initiative webinar, we explore one of these initiatives – the National Health Advocacy Funding Partnership – a coalition working to develop a new funding mechanism for civil society advocacy for health. The project is hosted by the Joep Lange Institute.

We will be joined by two speakers from the National Health Advocacy Funding Partnership steering committee, as well as two speakers who will share their reflections on this initiative from their own experience as “recipients” or critical reflectors of health aid funding models. There will also be plenty of time for discussion.

The reflections shared in this webinar will be fed back to the National Health Advocacy Funding Partnership’s steering committee as they develop their plans.

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