On 25 February 2021, the Kampala Initiative and its task group “Challenge PPPs” and Wemos are pleased to host a webinar to discuss the latest findings on Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in healthcare and how civil society may reverse the process of healthcare commercialisation.

PPPs in healthcare are increasingly promoted by global actors as an instrument to provide and finance healthcare in many countries. However, academics and civil society have criticised the use of PPPs, because of their high cost and their failure to address accessibility problems for the poor. Now that Covid-19 is showing the world the great importance of strong and equitable health systems, it is time to move beyond these critiques and work to reverse the process of healthcare commercialisation.

In this interactive webinar, panellists will share the latest findings on PPPs in healthcare. Participants will look at commercial actors, see how they are promoted by certain donors, and analyse how they impact health access and health equity. The webinar intends to create a space to discuss these findings and their implications, and to work as civil society to refine health advocacy actions towards our governments.


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