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Maternal health

photo: CUAMM
photo: CUAMM

"Every day 1500 women die due to complications in pregnancy or childbirth. 10 000 babies per day die within the first month of life and an equal number of babies are born dead. Skilled care around the time of birth would greatly reduce the number of these needless deaths." (WHO)


MMI Secretariat

MMI Network joins Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health

Basel, 3 July 2012. The Medicus Mundi International Network becomes a member of the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health (PMNCH), a WHO led global health partnership that "joins ... »Read more | »Show all (2)

Health Poverty Action

Mothers on the Margins

"Every year between 230,000 and 398,000 women die before, during or just after childbirth. 99% of these women are in developing countries. These figures are unacceptable in themselves, but some ... »Read more

Conference Report
MM Switzerland

Creating perspectives for life: Mother and child health in developing countries

Basel, 6 November 2012. This year's Swiss Health Cooperation Symposium organized by the Network Medicus Mundi Switzerland focused on mother and child health. Mother and child health is one of ... »Read more | »Show all (3)

MM Switzerland

How to Best Apply a Human Rights-based Approach to Sexual and Reproductive Health

Berne, 22 November 2016 / 25 January 2017. "In recent years we have seen a renewed global commitment to a human rights-based approach to development and, particularly to the universal ... »Read more | »Show all (6)

DWA Cuamm

The first 1000 Days for Mothers and Children

Cuamm, January 2018. "Our commitment to improving the health of women and children in Africa is continuing, expanding, and deepening. The second phase of our program “Mothers and Children ... »Read more

action medeor

A new midwifery school in Bo district, Sierra Leone

Due to the high demand for trained midwives in Sierra Leone, action medeor and the local partner organization Caritas Bo, in close consultation with the Ministry of Health and ... »Read more | »Show all (17)

DWA Cuamm

Annual Report 2017 of Doctors with Africa CUAMM

The Annual Report 2017 of Doctors with Africa CUAMM is available in Italian language. ... »Read more

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