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Thematic guide: Ebola voices (2014-16)

Photo: CDC/ Cynthia Goldsmith
Photo: CDC/ Cynthia Goldsmith

Could we dream that Ebola is a wakeup call
for strengthening of WHO and global health governance
- can something useful emerge from tragedy?
(Tweet by Ilona Kickbusch, 9 August 2014)

These days one can get just too much of articles, blog posts and tweets such as “My worthy global health cause in the light of the Ebola epidemic” or “Ebola in the light of my worthy global health cause”. But besides the boring promotional “me too” messages, there is also plenty of sound and inspiring analysis by colleagues who use the Ebola epidemic as what it also is: a great magnifying glass on structural crises and issues which otherwise could not be seen so clearly. And as things might move easier in times of crisis. We therefore invite you to have a look at the selection of “Ebola voices” below, in addition to our collection of reports on how some MMI Network members are involved in the fight against the epidemic.

Ebola voices (2014-2016): Ebola and health systems - Ebola and the WHO - Ebola and the state of global health governance - Ebola and international health cooperation

We have stopped updating the "Ebola voices" in May 2016 and, since then, publish Ebola related news again in our other thematic guides.







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