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Thematic Guide: The future of faith based health services

Thematic Guide: The future of faith based health services

The Medicus Mundi International Network has been supporting churches and faith based health institutions in the process of strategic repositioning in order to become effective and efficient actors within their respective countries. Our thematic guide to internet resources leads you beyond the limits of the Medicus Mundi International Network.

For MMI Network resources, please refer to our "Church based services" and "PNFP Sector integration" main pages. Any important resources missing? Or are you interested to take over the editing of this guide? Please let us know.

Civil Society: Advocacy and Networking

  • Africa Christian Health Associations platform

    The Africa CHA's platform is a secretariat office of Christian Health Associations in Africa whose task is  to create a stronger voice in advocacy but also facilitate technical support, networking & communication and capacity building.
    ACHAP website:
    ACHAP on MMI ePlatform

Recent Papers

  • Building From Common Foundations. The World Health Organization and Faith-Based Organizations in Primary Healthcare.
    "This report is intended to assist in the process of rejuvenating dialogue and partnership with FBOs in the face of widespread health challenges in communities around the world, not least of which is HIV/AIDS." A Geneva Global - WHO collaborative report, Geneva 2008, 40 pages, available as pdf file (
  • United Nations Inter-Agency Consultation on Engagement with Faith-based Organizations.
    This publication reports on the inter-agency consultation hosted by UNFPA in July 2008, 42 pages, available as pdf file
  • World Council of Churches: Time for recommitment to "health for all" on the 30th anniversary of the Alma Ata Declaration
    "While strongly affirming the work the churches do in primary health care, the executive committee of the World Council of Churches hopes that this minute will re-energize churches in recommitting themselves to achieving health for all." (Lübeck, Germany, 26 September 2008: Statement)
  • Opportunities and Challenges for Christian Health care in 21st Century.
    Input by Dr Gisela Schneider, Difäm, at a workshop organized by MISEREOR and Medicus Mundi International, Aachen 21st November 2008 (Presentation - Workshop)

Reports: Health system integration and FBOs

  • Kenya: Community strategy key to improving the people’s health

    "The primary health care approach has been accepted as the key to achieving the goal of health for all. It also provides linkages between the household (consumer) and health services (provider). FBOs in Kenya have been successfully implementing community health initiatives for a long time, albeit in an uncoordinated environment. Indeed, experts argue that FBOs in Kenya already have community units in the form of congregations that are necessary for successful implementation of the community strategy. (...) In this issue of CHAK Times, we examine in detail the community strategy, specifically focusing on the national policy being developed and the role of FBOs in its implementation."(CHAK Times No. 28/2008 (PDF), by CHAK)

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