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2000 Summer MMI Newsletter No. 65 (Website)
1999 Winter MMI Newsletter No. 64 (printed)
Newsletter: MMI Network News
MMI Network News are edited and distributed by e-mail by the secretariat of Medicus Mundi International. Network members (only) are kindly invited to send ...
Introductory Documents
Results of the Conference
2004 Kampala Report
2004 Kampala Declaration
2004 Kampala 24 Widmer Healing
Edgar Widmer: The Healing Ministry of the Church at the dawn of the Third Millennium: Challenges and Opportunities in English speaking African Countries ...
2004 Kampala 23 Introductory Texts
Edgar Widmer: Preparing a Working Conference for Anglophone African Bishops in Kampala, March 2004, on the Healing Ministry and on the Strengthening of the ...
2004 Kampala 20 Dakar Declaration
Partnership between Government NGOs and WHO in the AFRO Region. The Dakar declaration. Conference on improvement tripartite cooperation for health development ...
2004 Kampala 19 Donkor
Nuamah Donkor, Minister of Health Ghana: Contracting with Christian Health Associaton District Hospitals in Ghana, Presentation at MMI Technical Meeting, World ...
2004 Kampala 18 Verhallen Contracting
Marieke Verhallen: Contracting in Health Care - a Tool to enable NGO partners to play a significant role in Health Care provision. (Introductory texts Kampala ...
2004 Kampala 17 Verhallen Formalizing
Marieke Verhallen: Formalizing Partnership relationships and working arrangements between Public Health Authorities and Private Not for Profit Health Care ...
2004 Kampala 16 Verhallen Structuring
Marieke Verhallen: Structuring Public – Private collaboration in Health Care: Review of experiences and lessons. (Introductory texts Kampala Conference 2004)
2004 Kampala 15 Place
Michael D. Place: The International Ministry. Reflections on the XVII International Conference of the Pontifical Council on Health Pastoral Care. In: Dolentium ...
2004 Kampala 13 Widmer
Edgar Widmer: Health and Power. Practical Actions to be promoted in Relation to Hospitals and other Health Centres. XVI International Conference, Pontifical ...
2004 Kampala 14 Health is Wealth
John Kipo Kaara/Stefan Marx: Health is Wealth, a community based health insurance scheme. Action Medeor, AGEH, 2001 (Introductory texts Kampala Conference ...
2004 Kampala 12 Pastors
Bernd Pastors: Health and Power. Practical Actions to be promoted in Relation to the Power of Pharmaceutical Industries. XVI International Conference, ...
2004 Kampala 11 Deriu
Fiorenza Deriu: Bishops Conferences and Catholic Health Institutions. A survey of Roman Catholic Health Services. Dolentium Hominum no 52, Vatican, Rome, 2003 ...
2004 Kampala 10 Healing Ministry
Edgar Widmer: The Healing Ministry. Memisa 75 Jubilee working conference of African bishops, Rotterdam/Soesterberg 2000 (Introductory texts Kampala Conference ...
2004 Kampala 08 Verhallen Involving
Marieke Verhallen: Involving private voluntary health care providers in Better Health for Africa. In: MMI Newsletter no 61 page 9-21 (Introductory texts ...
2004 Kampala 07 NGO Hospital
R.Santingh, S.Rypkema: The NGO-Hospital and the District Health System in Africa. Memisa – WHO 1994 (Introductory texts Kampala Conference 2004)
2004 Kampala 06 Cordaid
Cordaid’s policy on Health Care and Care and Technical Assistance. In: MMI Newsletter no 70, 2003 (PDF)
2004 Kampala 04 Dioceses
HRD at level of Diocesan Health Co-ordination. In: MMI Newsletter no 69, 2002 (Introductory texts Kampala Conference 2004)
2004 Kampala 03 Brain Drain
Brain drain and health professionals. In: MMI Newsletter no 69, 2002 (Introductory texts Kampala Conference 2004)
2004 Kampala 02 HRD
Human Resource Development (HRD), a continuous concern. In: MMI Newsletter no 69, 2002 (Introductory texts Kampala Conference 2004)
2004 Kampala 01 Alma Ata
The Alma Ata Declaration on Primary Health Care. WHO-Unicef, 1978