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Annual Report 2016 of Memisa
The Annual Report 2016 of Memisa is available in Dutch and French .
Annual Report 2016 of Medicus Mundi Switzerland
The Annual Report 2016 of the Network Medicus Mundi Switzerland is available in German and French language.
Annual Report 2016 of medico international
So far, the Annual Report 2016 of medico international is available in German language only. Versions in English, Spanish and French are expected to ...
Annual Report 2016 of EASP
The Annual Report 2016 of the Escuela Andaluza de Salud Pública is available in Spanish language only.
Annual Report 2016 of Wemos
"2016 was a special and dynamic year for Wemos . We said goodbye to our director: Anke Tijtsma decided to choose a new path and left Wemos as of ...
Annual Report 2016 of i+solutions
"2016 was a significant year for global health, we witnessed the first ever Ministerial Conference on Immunization in Africa, and great strides ...
MMI Network members: Short stories
20 Years of CWGH: Organizing People’s Power for Health in Zimbabwe
The CWGH is now celebrating twenty years of work in strengthening the understanding of and capacities for community roles in health. This comes at ...
MMI Annual Report 2016 - CWGH.pdf
Healthy adolescents - healthy societies
Taking care of adolescents is an investment in a healthy, sustainable future. Doctors with Africa CUAMM is working on this major issue that is ...
MMI Annual Report 2016 - Cuamm.pdf
MMI Annual Report 2016 - action medeor.pdf
Strengthening of Medicines Supply Chain in Tanzania and Malawi – setting up pharmaceutical wholesale
The medicines supply chain in developing countries is in the hands of central medical store, usually a governmental or semi-governmental ...
The MMS Strategy 2017-2019: Health for All in a solidary world
In 2016 the Network Medicus Mundi Switzerland (MMS) has worked on its new strategy – with some remarkable results. To be honest: I was very much ...
MMI Annual Report 2016 - MMS.pdf
Human Resources for Health: From commitments to action?
Human resources for health were high on the agenda in 2016 – for sure at global level. The 69 th World Health Assembly (WHA) adopted the Global ...
MMI Annual Report 2016 - Wemos.pdf
MMI Annual Report 2016 - MM Italia.pdf
MMI Annual Report 2016 - MM Italia.pdf
MMI Annual Report 2016 with short stories kompr.pdf
MMI Annual Report 2016 - HPA.pdf
Ending the drug war to support health and rights for all
Around the world, punitive drug control policies continue to restrict the health and rights of poor and marginalised populations. Since it began ...
MMI Annual Report 2016 - Redemptoris.pdf
Rwanda: NCDs Alert
For four months, I had the pleasure to be a part of the medical staff at Nemba District Hospital, in Rwanda’s Northern Province. The aim of my ...
28 Months as project manager with the Brigada Móvel in Morrumbene, Mozambique
Mozambique, one of the South Eastern-African Countries, actually ranks 181 st among the 189 countries in the Human Development Index 2016. Since ...
Unethical clinical trials in Africa
Wemos, 4 July 2017. Clinical trials in Africa are not always conducted according to leading ethical guidelines. This puts clinical trial ...
Mental Health: A Forgotten Facet of Healthcare
"Globally close to 450 million people have mental health disorders; more than 75% of that number live in developing countries. According to the World ...
We won’t end poverty without tackling the structural issues that cause it
Health Poverty Action, June 2017. T here was a sense of deja vu last week when I read the excellent piece by Adam Ramsay exploring why people are losing ...
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