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MMI Annual Report 2017 - DWA Cuamm.pdf
MMI Annual Report 2017 - CWGH.pdf
Recurrent Typhoid and Cholera Outbreaks in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe continues to experience frequent outbreaks of cholera and typhoid – archaic diseases that were completely eliminated in other parts of ...
Migration of Healthcare Professionals: An Opportunity for Shared Development
This report sets out the lessons learned from the European action Migration of Healthcare Professionals: An Opportunity for Shared Development ...
MMI Annual Report 2017 - EASP.pdf
Until every church health facility has qualified pharmaceutical staff
Here is the reality: The lack of trained pharmaceutical personnel in the church health sector has been an ongoing problem. Many Church Health ...
MMI Annual Report 2017 - EPN.pdf
Aiming for Autonomy: A Journey through Cultures
It is more than 50 years now since Renato Monolo Hospital has been established in Kiremba, Northern Burundi. Back then, the Diocese of Brescia, ...
MMI Annual Report 2017 - MM Italia.pdf
"We have been doing this work for so many years and we are still called volunteers"
South Africa is celebrated for its ARV roll out programme – the biggest worldwide – which brought down AIDS related death rates, but without the ...
MMI Annual Report 2017 - medico.pdf
The Alternatives – Policies Towards a Life in Full
“Equity, ecologically‐sustainable development and peace are at the heart of our vision of a better world ‐ a world in which a healthy life for all ...
MMI Annual Report 2017 - HPA.pdf
The WHO We Want: Engaging with non-state actors
Being an International Health Policy correspondent via the much appreciated link of the ITM Health Policy Unit with Medicus Mundi ...
MMI Annual Report 2017 - ITM.pdf
What's up with Smart?
Two months have passed since I arrived in Kenya. I already know that work in Kithatu Health Centre is not boring at all. Every day is different ...
A new midwifery school in Bo district, Sierra Leone
Due to the high demand for trained midwives in Sierra Leone, action medeor and the local partner organization Caritas Bo, in close consultation ...
MMI Annual Report 2017 - Redemptoris.pdf
MMI Annual Report 2017 - Wemos.pdf
Health in the Cities: Reimagining Health in Urban Populations
The world is becoming increasingly urban. More than half of the global population lives in cities and this number is only expected to rise. ...
MMI Annual Report 2017 - NovFoundation.pdf
MMI Annual Report 2017 - action medeor.pdf
Global Health Cafés
Together with the media platform ViceVersa and other civil society organizations, Wemos started in 2017 a cycle of public venues with the aim to ...
MMI Annual Report 2017.pdf
"Short stories" by Network members
Moving health cooperation beyond aid
Annual Report 2017 of the MMI Network
In addition to the institutional report, we have again received great contributions by MMI Network members. Their "short stories" provide a good picture ...
MMI Annual Report 2017.pdf
MMI Annual Report 2017.doc
MMI development of net equity until 2017.pdf