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First do no harm. And then? (Editorial)
MMI Network News, 26 February 2018
The parallax view of the humanitarian world
ITM IHP, February 2018. "Decent people are outraged about the behavior of aid workers in Haiti some seven years ago. Of course, this is triggered by a ...
Wemos: Our work from a bird’s-eye view
"In this 1,5-minutes film we explain what Wemos does to achieve a healthier world in which everyone has access to health care." (2018)
The World Health Organization at the crossroads
Berlin, 21 March 2018. "The WHO’s financial dependence from big donors – rich member states as well as corporate linked Philanthropic Foundations as ...
Sexual misconduct of humanitarian aid workers: Unacceptable
Cordaid, February 2018. " Cordaid is deeply upset by the sexual misconduct of humanitarian aid workers, recently revealed in the media . Cordaid as ...
Reaching parts that others can’t? The GFATM Heinecken case
Wemos, February 2018. There is uproar in global health circles. The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and Dutch beer brewer HEINEKEN ...
Towards a balanced rethinking of Performance-Based Financing
Cordaid, February 2018. "Performance-based financing (PBF) in the health sector is a much debated topic. Some are overly critical, others overly ...
Laying the foundations for a healthier world
Health Poverty Action, January 2018. "Wherever we live, we want similar things. To live peaceful lives in a supportive community, have access to health ...
The first 1000 Days for Mothers and Children
Cuamm, January 2018. "Our commitment to improving the health of women and children in Africa is continuing, expanding, and deepening. The second phase ...
Health Povery Action: On the Ground
"Health Poverty Action works in partnership with poor and marginalised communities across Africa, Asia and Latin America to support them in their struggle ...
Memisa projects and programs
The Dutch and French version of Memisa 's website provide detailed information about structural programs, emergency aid and microprojects undertaken by ...
Federation of Medicus Mundi Spain: Projects by continent and association
The website of the Federation of Medicus Mundi Spain provides a overview of projects according by continent and a search engine to find current and ...
Cordaid: where we work
"Cordaid mobilizes global networks, resources and knowledge to tackle root causes of conflict and fragility in some of the most conflict-affected countries ...
i+solutions: Our global impact
"i+solutions is active in more than 60 countries in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and South America. Please click on a bullet in the interactive map ...
Doctors with Africa Cuamm: What we do
"Work in Africa is the fulcrum of Doctors with Africa Cuamm ’s activities which, since 1950, have been centred on upholding the fundamental human right ...
medico international: Supported projects by region
The website of medico international provides an interactive map guiding to descriptions of the current projects of this MMI Network member. (last ...
action medeor: projects
"In co-operation with experienced local non-governmental organisations, action medeor handles its own health care projects in Asia, Latin America and ...
Medicus Mundi Italia: Projects under way
Descriptions of ongoing and past projects of Medicus Mundi Italy can be found on their website . (last update of "who works where": January 2018)