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MMI Network: who works where?
MMI Network members (and their members) are invited to present an overview of their projects or individual project descriptions and reports in the " ...
Gender Based Violence: Approaches and challenges at community and advocacy level
Berne, 2 May 2018, MMS/ conference 2018. "Gender Based Violence (GBV) is a main issue in international health cooperation. GBV is not only a ...
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MMI Network News, 26 February 2018
First do no harm. And then? (Editorial); MMI Network: Events, news, reports, resources MMI Network News: 26 February 2018 MMI Network News: ...
MMI Network: Events
MMI Network: News, reports, resources
First do no harm. And then? (Editorial)
MMI Network News, 26 February 2018
The parallax view of the humanitarian world
ITM IHP, February 2018. "Decent people are outraged about the behavior of aid workers in Haiti some seven years ago. Of course, this is triggered by a ...
Wemos: Our work from a bird’s-eye view
"In this 1,5-minutes film we explain what Wemos does to achieve a healthier world in which everyone has access to health care." (2018)
The World Health Organization at the crossroads
Berlin, 21 March 2018. "The WHO’s financial dependence from big donors – rich member states as well as corporate linked Philanthropic Foundations as ...
Sexual misconduct of humanitarian aid workers: Unacceptable
Cordaid, February 2018. " Cordaid is deeply upset by the sexual misconduct of humanitarian aid workers, recently revealed in the media . Cordaid as ...
Reaching parts that others can’t? The GFATM Heinecken case
Wemos, February 2018. There is uproar in global health circles. The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and Dutch beer brewer HEINEKEN ...
Towards a balanced rethinking of Performance-Based Financing
Cordaid, February 2018. "Performance-based financing (PBF) in the health sector is a much debated topic. Some are overly critical, others overly ...
Digital health, eHealth, mHealth: Breakthrough for public health or creating new dependency? A critical look at the current hype. Side event to the Geneva Health Forum 2018
Geneva, 11 April 2018, 18:15-20.00 hrs. In a satellite session to the Geneva Health Forum 2018 hosted by the Networks Medicus Mundi ...
Laying the foundations for a healthier world
Health Poverty Action, January 2018. "Wherever we live, we want similar things. To live peaceful lives in a supportive community, have access to health ...
Wemos: highlights 2017
" 2017 was a great year for Wemos ! We’re proud to present to you our highlights of last year."