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MMI working group: Research and evidence process within the MMI Network

MMI working group: Research and evidence process within the MMI Network

In September 2009 the Executive Board of Medicus Mundi International adopted a Research Policy of the MMI Network. In May 2010, in the strategic plan 2011-2015 of the MMI Network, the mandate for the MMI Network contained in this policy was translated into more specific directions: "We will develop new partnerships between NGOs and research institutions."

As a step towards the implementation of the research policy, the Executive Board of the Medicus Mundi International Network decided to set up an advisory group (in the meantime: working group) within its governance structures which shall advice the MMI Executive Board and Assembly on the research and evidence process within the Network and the implementation of the Research Policy; link with interested research partners, particularly also from the South; encourage members to identify research areas and help them in translating these areas to specific research questions; screen the international scene for potentially attractive funding sources.

Members of the working group:

  • Nick Lorenz, MMI president, Swiss TPH
  • Giovanni Putoto, DWA Cuamm
  • Bart Criel and Valeria Campos de Silveira, ITM Antwerp / Be-cause health
  • Christina de Vries, Cordaid
  • Mariska Meurs, Wemos
  • Ada van der Linde, HealthNet TPO
  • Thomas Schwarz, MMI executive secretary (contact for correspondence, organizational and technical support)

Join the working group - you are welcome!

Ongoing program of the working group (2011-15)


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