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Health Works

Health Works

"Health Works, previously known as HealthNet TPO, is a Dutch aid agency that has been working on restoring and strenghtening health care systems in areas disrupted by war or disaster for the last 25 years. In these areas people are facing the immense task of rebuilding their society, while suffering from poverty, diseases and emotional consequences of conflict. As humanitarians we use health both as a goal and a means: the goal is to reach accessible health care for all; by working together with local communities we use health as a means to bring people together and to restore mutual trust." (Health Works website)


HealthNet TPO renewes its corporate style and becomes Health Works

"International non-govermental organization HealthNet TPO, established in the Netherlands in 1992 by Doctors Without Borders to decrease the gap between emergency aid and sustainable ... »Read more | »Show all (3)


Health Works: countries

Afghanistan: Health Works works on the sustainable (re)construction and rehabilitation of health care in areas disrupted by war or disaster. Also in Afghanistan we work with ‘evidence-based’ ... »Read more

equal access

Health Works endorses Charter on Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action

Health Works, November 2017. " Health Works has recently joined over 70 stakeholders from States, UN agencies, the international civil society community and global, regional and national ... »Read more


Annual Report 2016 of HealthNet TPO (now Health Works)

The Annual Report 2016 of HealthNet TPO (since then renamed into Health Works ) is available in English ( PDF ). ... »Read more | »Show all (6)


Health Works and research

"Research is necessary to create a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms that cause the needs and (health) problems of individuals and communities living in fragile states and low ... »Read more

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