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Community Working Group on Health

Community Working Group on Health

The Community Working Group on Health (CWGH) is a network of civic/community based organizations who aim to collectively enhance community participation in health in Zimbabwe. The CWGH was formed in early 1998 to take up health issues of common concern.

Over the years the CWGH has positioned itself as a voice in the health sector and built community power, organizing involvement of communities in health actions within their communities and around Primary Health Care, whether within the community on environmental health, or mobilizing resources to support health centres. These are being done through community level initiatives with limited external support.

The CWGH will consistently engage with the stakeholders and the  government to make PHC a more central policy principle, and will strengthen community structures such as health centre committees  and boards and committees at district and national level to organize public efforts to achieve this principle.

At an international level, CWGH is partnering with the People’s Health Movement in the Right to Health Campaign; it is also a member of the Regional Network in Equity in Health in East and southern Africa (EQUINET), and the Health Civil Society in East and Southern Africa.


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