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MMI Network News, 12 December 2017

Itai Rusike (CWGH) and Barbara Fienieg (Wemos) at the UHC Forum, Tokyo
Itai Rusike (CWGH) and Barbara Fienieg (Wemos) at the UHC Forum, Tokyo

On Universal Health Coverage Day... (Editorial)

Dear Network member,

Today is “Universal Health Coverage Day”. Universal health coverage (UHC) means that all people and communities can use the promotive, preventive, curative, rehabilitative and palliative health services they need, of sufficient quality to be effective, while also ensuring that the use of these services does not expose the user to financial hardship. The UHC narrative takes up key elements of our Network’s understanding of “health for all”: Strengthening people-centred health systems and promoting universal access to essential health services as a shared responsibility of national governments and international actors.

The MMI Network therefore joined, in November, the “International Partnership for UHC 2030” (UHC2030) as a civil society member. We want to contribute to this new international partnership from within, as a critical civil society voice. We have actively participated in the process of transforming IHP+ into UHC2030, providing input on governance matters, the drafting of the guiding documents and the principles and modalities of engaging with civil society.

In an interview with the UHC2030 newsletter, we expressed some expectations about how this new global partnership can best harness its potential: “The interests and political agendas of diverse UHC2030 partners deserve critical assessment. It is rather easy to agree on UHC as a goal. But the implication that all members of the UHC2030 ‘movement’ agree on how to move towards UHC would be misleading. However, having so many diverse actors and interests assembled in UHC2030 can be useful to create spaces and structures – both public and protected – for critical reflection, political debate and mutual learning about how UHC can be achieved. This needs an agreement that, within the ‘movement’, dissent is possible and welcome.”

On the other side of the World, some MMI Network members participate these days in a global UHC Forum in Tokyo, providing input on key topics such as financing for UHC, as part of a big civil society delegation. Other colleagues undertake particular promotional activities or organize meetings in various places. And all of us continue doing what unites us: Promoting Health for All - within the health system and beyond.

Enjoy UHC Day!

Thomas Schwarz, Executive Secretary
Medicus Mundi International Network



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Network paper: Wemos
Give people universal access to health services

“At the UHC Forum in Tokyo, Wemos’ global health advocate Barbara Fienieg is panelist and co-organizer in a side event that calls for less out-of-pocket spending and reframing financing priorities for UHC. Barbara: ‘A health system that is accessible to all, that leaves no one out, requires serious and sustained investment of financial resources. How can a low-income country, like Malawi, steadily increase the number of professional health workers where they are most needed and working under the right conditions? It needs a pool of public resources to get to UHC.’”



Network paper: Cordaid
Health for All - Why is Universal Health Coverage important?

"Do you believe health is a human right, and that all human beings should be able to fulfill their potential in dignity and equality and in a healthy environment? Do you believe women should not die while giving birth? Do you believe children should not die from preventable deaths? Do you believe people should not be pushed into poverty for accessing health services? Do you believe in a world in which everyone can live, healthy, productive lives regardless of who they are and where they live? Then you believe in Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Learn more about our approach, programs and results by downloading this Cordaid brochure."

> Feature: Cordaid website
> Download Brochure: PDF (16 MB, 4 pages)


Network video: Cordaid
Universal Health Coverage in the Central African Republic

“What does universal health coverage mean to you? Hear responses from the Central African Republic.” (Cordaid video clip)



Network Event: MMI Network
MMI Network at the WHO Executive Board meeting
Geneva, 19-27 January 2018

The 142th session of the WHO Executive Board takes place on 22-27 January 2018. The deadline for EB registration is Monday, 8 January 2017. If you want to attend the WHO Executive Board session as part of the MMI delegation, please let us know by Sunday, 7 January 2018. The MMI Network will again host the PHM “WHO Watch” project in its delegation. Commentaries on various agenda items are in the making – as you can see here in the great “WHO Tracker” tool. And we will participate in the civil society meetings ahead of the EB session, on 19-20 January, organized by the Geneva Global Health Hub (hosted by MMI) and its members and partners.



Network Event: Medicus Mundi Spain
The State as health duty bearer – challenges and threats. International symposium on health systems
Bilbao, 12-13 February 2018

"medicusmundi bizkaia would like to invite you to our next International Symposium on Health Systems 'The State as Health Guarantor: challenges and threats'. A provisional programme of the symposium is available now. During the event, we will analyze the different realities and ways of approaching public health by the states. As you may know from medicusmundi bizkaia, we are committed to public health systems that guarantee access to the health of individuals and communities from an equity, inclusive and culturally relevant approach."


Network Event: MMI
Health cooperation beyond aid: Our work continues! MMI Dialogue and planning workshop
Bilbao, 14 February 2018

“Mainly in the context of so-called developing countries, and if we look at the cases of Central American countries and Mozambique featured in the symposium, it is obvious that international cooperation (development cooperation) plays an important part in enabling or hindering a State to fulfil its duty of caring for the health of its population through people-centred health policies and services. A dialogue meeting open to MMI Network members and symposium participants shall bridge from the Symposium to a planning session of the Medicus Mundi International Network (MMI) and its working group on Effective Health Cooperation (MMI EHC), allowing to share some of the work already undertaken by MMI and discuss some of the options proposed for our future activities”



Network resources: Medicus Mundi Switzerland
Implementation Research of Swiss NGOs Working in the Field of International Health Cooperation

“Member organizations of the Network Medicus Mundi Switzerland (MMS) work together to enhance Implementation Research (IR) within their organizations and to promote an NGO driven research in Switzerland’s international health cooperation. A related study undertaken by the ISPM Berne is available now.”

> Implementation Research: MMS website
> Factsheet MMS/ISPM: PDF
> Abstract study: PDF


Network news: i+solutions
World Aids Day 2017 - Message from i+solutions CEO Ed Monchen

"On this World AIDS Day, we join with our colleagues and partners in recognizing everyone’s basic right to health. Much has been accomplished since the world first embarked upon a comprehensive plan to treat the disease and stop its spread. Nearly 21 of the 37 million people living with HIV are now on treatment and new infections and AIDS related deaths are on the decline in many countries.



Network news: Health Works
Health Works endorses Charter on Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action

"Health Works has recently joined over 70 stakeholders from States, UN agencies, the international civil society community and global, regional and national organizations of persons with disabilities that have endorsed the Charter on Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action. The Charter has been developed in advance of the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul in May 2016.By endorsing this Charter, we, as an organization, commit to render humanitarian action inclusive of persons with disabilities; by lifting barriers persons with disabilities are facing in accessing relief, protection and recovery support and to ensure their participation in the development, planning and implementation of humanitarian programs."



Network report: DWA Cuamm
Doctors with Africa Cuamm at the Tanzania Health Summit

“The fourth Tanzania Health Summit, the most important health meeting in the country, took place in Dar Es Salaam on November 14 and 15. Doctors with Africa CUAMM was invited to present the results of its work supporting maternal and child health and fighting HIV, malnutrition, and chronic diseases. ‘We are proud to have taken part in this important scientific meeting. Our involvement speaks to CUAMM’s strong, long-standing partnership with the Tanzanian health system,' says Matteo Capuzzo, CUAMM’s Country Manager in Tanzania. 'It was an excellent chance to join forces with others active in the area. Coming together, sharing ideas, good practices, and results helps us act with increasing efficiency.’”



Network conference report: MM Switzerland
No ‘business as usual’ against non-communicable diseases

“Basel, 2 November 2017. This year's MMS Symposium addressed the challenges of tackling noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) by looking at the determinants of NCDs, the organisation of health care and the role of civil societies. A “business-as-usual” approach won’t suffice. NCDs kill 40 million people each year. NCDs are currently responsible for almost 70% of global deaths.”



Network Resource: MMI
mmi-cooperate: New tool for horizontal communication within the MMI Network

A new mailing list set up by the MMI secretariat is intended to facilitate horizontal communication among the members of the Medicus Mundi International Network engaged in international health cooperation. All MMI Network members are invited to use "mmi-cooperate" to inform their colleagues about current activities and events, to enquire about opportunities for collaboration, to share key publications and resources, or to launch a conversation on a particular technical or political topic. Interested? Please get in touch with the MMI Secretariat


Network Resource: ITM IHP
Switching the poles

Are you missing the monthly “MMI updates” on various topics? You should not. Please have a look at the great weekly newsletter produced by our new Network member, the ITM IHP Network. It might help you switching your poles, too.




Network reporting: various Network members
...and more Annual Reports

Our collection of Network members’ Annual Reports of the past year (2016) is still growing: Have a look at them!

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