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"i+solutions is an independent, international, not-for-profit organization specializing in pharmaceutical supply chain management for low and middle income countries. We offer high quality integrated supply chain - and consultancy services focusing on the fight against HIV/AIDS, Malaria, T.B., their prevention and on Reproductive Health activities through: Innovation, Information Technology, Creativity and Effective execution." (mission statement of i+solutions)

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Memisa and i+solutions: Welcome to two strong new Network members

MMI Secretariat | At the extraordinary general assembly of the Medicus Mundi International Network in Brescia, 27 October 2011, Memisa , Belgium, and i+solutions , the Netherlands, were accepted ... »Read more

Informe de conferencia
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MMI Network meeting in The Hague

The Hague, 7-8 October 2015. The MMI Network meeting in autumn 2015 was hosted by i+solutions and Cordaid.   ... »Read more

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What is pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management?

"Millions of people around the world lack continuous access to essential medicines. Improving the supply chain management of medicines is a crucial step in order to solve this problem. ... »Read more

Informe anual

Annual Report 2014 of i+solutions

"An estimated two billion people around the world still lack access to essential medicines, even though significant milestones have been achieved thanks to the work of numerous organisations ... »Read more | »Show all (3)

Productos médicos, vacunas, tecnología


In its i+academy, the Dutch MMI Network member i+solutions offers online courses on various topics related to Supply Chain Management (SCM) of medicines and medical supplies. Have a ... »Read more | »Show all (4)

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