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"Health workers are 'all people engaged in actions whose primary intent is to enhance health' (World Health Report 2006). Workers in health systems around the world are experiencing increasing stress and insecurity as they react to a complex array of forces. Ageing population, new diseases as well as increasing burden of current diseases, escalating conflicts and violence, are all challenges to which the workforce must be prepared to respond. The unmistakable imperative is to strengthen the workforce so that health systems can tackle crippling diseases and achieve national and global health goals. A strong human infrastructure is fundamental to closing today’s gap between health promise and health reality, and anticipating the health challenges of the 21st century." (Source: WHO)

Network: MMI

HW4All online collaboration platform launched

Amsterdam/Basel, 10 March 2014. The project «Health workers for all and all for health workers» that includes several MMI Network members as well as the MMI secretariat launched today its online ... »Read more | »Show all (7)

Health Poverty Action

"They heard us" - UK International Development Committee recommends health worker compensation

London, 1 October 2014. "Back in October 2013 we published a  report  and briefing,  ‘Aid in Reverse’ , focusing on the global health worker crisis and the UK’s role in ... »Read more | »Show all (5)

Conference Report
Network: MMI

Mobility of Health Professionals in the EU - Ethical Recruitment and Policy Coherence

Brussels, 05 May 2015 – What role can ethical recruitment play for fair distribution of health workers? What role has Europe in ensuring that freedom of movement of health workers in the ... »Read more | »Show all (9)

Doctors with Africa

Training doctors in Africa: "What are Italian students doing down there?"

Since 2005, almost 200 Italian medical students decided to take a step outside of their usual habits and traditional curriculum to go see firsthand a real situation of international ... »Read more | »Show all (21)

Emergenza Sorrisi

Annual report 2011 of Smile Train Italia: A year of Smiles

In 2011 Smile Train Italia and its volunteers have succeeded to give back new smiles to more than 1,650 babies affected with facial malformations, giving their families a better perspective on ... »Read more

Network: MMI

Thematic guide: International migration and recruitment of health personnel

Our thematic guide to internet resources leads you beyond the limits of the Medicus Mundi International Network. Any important resources missing? Please let us know. > Thematic guide ... »Read more | »Show all (4)

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