Sharing knowhow and joining forces towards Health for All

Programs of the MMI Network

Programs of the MMI Network

The "Network Strategy 2011-2015" (PDF) adopted in May 2010 defines the following main strategic directions of the Medicus Mundi International Network in the coming five years: "Focus joint ventures on issues related to health systems strengthening; develop new spaces and tools for sharing know-how and joining forces; focus joint international advocacy on the WHO; develop new partnerships between NGOs and research institutions." Within this broad framework, the definition of a set of network programs shall be demand driven, initiated and lead by network members.

MMI Network programs 2011-2015

This initial set of programs was confirmed by the Board of the Medicus Mundi International Network in March 2011; further Network programs may be developed within the next months, in an ongoing dialogue about joint interests of Network members and new developments and opportunities in our environment. To put a proposal on this "market place", please get in touch with our secretariat.

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