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Wemos Foundation

Wemos Foundation

Wemos envisages a world in which every person can realize his or her right to the highest attainable standard of health. Millions of people in developing countries are trapped in the vicious circle of poverty and ill health. Wemos wants to break this and structurally improve the health situation in developing countries. Wemos distinguishes the following three strategies:

  • Advocacy: Wemos promotes policies that support national health systems contributing to the structural improvement of people’s health. 
  • Cooperation with organizations in developing countries: Wemos works together with civil society organizations in Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, India, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia. 
  • Communications and campaigning: Wemos mobilizes the support of health workers and (medical) students in the Netherlands by organizing campaigns and other awareness raising activities.

European Call to Action: A health worker for everyone, everywhere!

The world is 7.2 million health workers short. This seriously threatens the health of people worldwide. Especially middle and low income countries are severely affected. The partners in the ... »Read more | »Show all (5)

human resources

Health workers for all and all for health workers

Everyone should have access to health workers. However, if the situation remains as it is today, one billion people world-wide will never see a health worker in their life. The first ‘World Health ... »Read more | »Show all (4)

Conference Report

Health Systems Research and NGOs: building up mutually beneficial partnerships

Antwerp, 11 November 2010. At this workshop, NGOs working in the field of international health cooperation and research institutions discussed past and ongoing cases of research partnerships, ... »Read more | »Show all (5)

global health policy

Conflict of interest in multilateral negitiations on nutrition, health, trade

Workshop in Geneva, 28 October 2014. With the Non-State Actors paradigm, recent intergovernmental negotiations taking place in the UN agencies have brought about a new version of the ... »Read more

global health policy

Overcoming the health workforce gap

The chapter of Global Health Watch 4 on the global health workforce crisis tells us that the global deficit of health workers was estimated to be 4.2 million health workers in 2006. Due to ... »Read more | »Show all (10)


Annual Review 2013 of Wemos

The Annual Review 2012-13 of Wemos is is available in Dutch only. ... »Read more | »Show all (4)

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