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Treasure memories. A toolkit for solution focused memory work

Treasure memories. A toolkit for solution focused memory work

Memory work helps people living with the HI virus or whose relatives are HIV-positive or have AIDS to confront and cope effectively with their personal situation, the disease, and an uncertain future.

Memory work is a collective term for various methodological approaches in psychosocial support that work with memory. Memory boxes, memory books and body maps are outer forms or containers in which people collect their memories. In this the process is important: recording and telling one's own story and listening attentively and empathetically to others. This is supported in the solution focused approach by each person's attitude, focus and guiding of the conversation.

Because it is through active listening, in sensitive questioning and reflections that the thread in a biography can be sought, enabling the individuals concerned to recognize what gives them strength, what their survival strategies are.

In cooperation with terre des hommes switzerland, (the Swiss platform for HIV/AIDS and international cooperation, coordinated by Medicus Mundi Switzerland) produced the new toolkit “Treasure memories”. It contains the following instruments:

  • A memory book, hero book, body map and tracing book
  • A "credit card" with the most important aides memoire of the solution focused approach
  • A DVD with films "Strength from remembering" and "Solution focused approach" and
  • A CD with relevant information, resources and handbooks on memory work in electronic form. (in 4 languages)

Available in English, French and Portuguese. Price: CHF 40.- / € 30.- (for organisations/individuals from middle/low-income countries CHF 20.- / €15.- )

Order at:
c/o Medicus Mundi Switzerland
phone +41 61 383 18 10

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