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Bulletin of Medicus Mundi Switzerland
The quarterly journal of the Medicus Mundi Switzerland Network . Since 1997, the main articles of the Bulletin are published online: 2010 No. 118/12.2010 Religion,
In the public interest...Non-governmental health service providers and national health systems
Basel, 6 November 2007. How do not-for-profit non-governmental health service providers perceive their role in the national provision of healthcare? How do they steer a course between their
The Role of Information and Communication Technologies in Health Systems Development
Basel, 22 April 2008. Documentation of the 11th Symposium of the Swiss Tropical Institute : "We all are confronted with a rapidly changing environment. On one hand never before in human’s history
Human Resources as Key Factor in Health Services
Bagamoyo, Tanzania, 22-25 October 2007: "The human resources situation in the health sector is in a severe crisis, according to many organisations, including the World Health Organisation (WHO).
WHO Consultation on Strategic Contracting in Health Systems
Geneva, 9–11 January 2008. Synthesis of the meeting: "During this three day meeting a wide range of experiences on contracting in health systems were reviewed, the current evidence and lessons
Health and Cultural Dynamics
The issue No. 100 "Health and Cultural Dynamics" of the Bulletin of Medicus Mundi Switzerland deals with different aspects of health and illness as a cultural process. Contents: Changing
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