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Health Poverty Action: Briefing papers on trade, tax and health
In December 2015, Health Poverty Action has published two new briefing papers which form part of a wider series looking at how the structural causes of poverty impact on health. "The first
What is pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management?
"Millions of people around the world lack continuous access to essential medicines. Improving the supply chain management of medicines is a crucial step in order to solve this problem.
Growing demand for training in results based financing
For the past decade Cordaid has continuously been seeking to improve public service delivery through results based financing. In both health care and education we have an
The global challenge of health workforce
Worldwide, there is a shortage of skilled health workers. Wemos advocated for health workforce worldwide within the EU-funded project Health Workers for All. In 2015, we succeeded in
...behind the headlines intertwined
Burkina Faso is a land-locked country in Western Africa. The Human Development Index ranks it 183rd among 187 countries. Since 2002 the University Hospital of Brescia, Italy has an
Two cultures united in Right to Health defense
This is a story about a project which started in 1972 bringing Navarra (Spain) closer to a District Hospital in Nemba (Rwanda) and is still today creating emotional links between people
Lighting up St. Paul hospital in Kashikishi
The story repeats itself frequently: In a remote place in Africa there is a poor hospital, the hospital has helpers, helpers install hardware, helpers leave, hardware flops, everybody is
Innovating the delivery of hypertension care
Gideon Dapaa, 49, a high school teacher from the Lower Manya Krobo District in the Eastern region of Ghana, was diagnosed with hypertension six years ago. He admits that at the end of a
Equitable access to quality healthcare for the most vulnerable: Vision or reality? Ex-post impact study
The core aim of the Swiss Red Cross (SRC) health projects is to enable equitable access to quality health services, particularly for the most vulnerable. While regular
Iraq, Nassirya 2008-2016: The bridge of trust
When Emergenza Sorrisi NGO (past Smile Train) performed its first mission in Iraq, in 2008, in the American Military Camp of Tallil on a Mobile Surgery Unit donated by the Italian
How to...: Reaching sustainability in a rural health centre in Chiapas, Mexico
Everyone who deals with this topic knows it: Ensuring financial sustainability of social services is very hard work. Especially health services are nearly never fully financially
Scratch-off labels on pharmaceutical packaging
Counterfeit drugs represent a major health risk for the public health and the individual patient. They lower the confidence in medicines, harm the manufacturers, the importers and the
Giving birth is not a game
In October 2015, Memisa launched the online videogame “Giving Birth is not a game” to sensitize the Belgian public about the problem of maternal mortality worldwide, and especially in
Health for all: The Walk
How long does it take for a pregnant woman to reach a clinic? In the “most boring film” THE WALK, a Cordaid film team joined Chanceline who lives in a remote rural area of
Developing culturally appropriate health systems – key principles
Health Poverty Action has 30 years of experience in working to improve the health of marginalised groups. We consistently find that cultural barriers provide a fundamental obstruction to
Let's unite to end Tuberculosis
Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the world’s most deadly infectious diseases, striking men, women and children alike. Medici con l’Africa CUAMM is working hard to do its part in combating
Resilience: Fit for Disaster
“Sustainable development”, at least, was driven by the idea to actively and politically shape the world. Conversely, the concept of resilience is only about making people fit for survival. The
Health Cooperation: Its relevance, legitimacy and effectiveness as a contribution to achieving universal access to health. MMI discussion paper
This paper on health cooperation and its relevance, legitimacy and effectiveness was discussed at the MMI workshop “ Health cooperation beyond aid ” in Berlin, on 29 September 2016, and
EPN strategy for 2016-2020
"The strategy of the Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network for 2016-2020 builds on the achievements of the previous strategy period while also addressing the factors that compromised success in
Power and privilege - taking a look at ourselves
"Two years ago Health Poverty Action worked with others on a report that argued the development sector, through its focus on aid, was obscuring the facts about how poverty is created. It
Applying Human Rights to Sexual and Reproductive Health - a Reality for All?
"Sexual and reproductive health is a fundamental human right. At this year’s MMS/ conference we addressed the issues of human rights to sexual and reproductive health. There is a
3 key insights for success of Results Based Financing (RBF)
Cordaid, November 2016. "It’s been argued that results-based financing is showing a new way of doing health care, to 'reward health service providers — often with money — for positive results.'
Improving our image: how photos reflect our values
Health Poverty Action, November 2016. "The use of images has often been problematic and controversial in the development sector. Photos of starving children and helpless victims have been used
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