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Overcoming the health workforce gap
The chapter of Global Health Watch 4 on the global health workforce crisis tells us that the global deficit of health workers was estimated to be 4.2 million health workers in 2006. Due to
Position Paper on Universal Health Coverage
"With the Millennium Development goals coming to an end by 2015, a debate is going on about what could be a coherent global framework for the upcoming decade. As it stands now, the new
SRC Concept Nutrition
"Is malnutrition an issue in your project area? The International Cooperation management of SRC has approved a concept document on how we can strengthen nutrition interventions in disaster
Disaster response: Sendai Framework "shows signs of weakness"
Cordaid news, March 2015. "Local communities, especially in fragile areas will get a central role in disaster risk reduction. Governance and programs will be formulated from their
Healthcare for grannies in Uganda
The “Granny Project” has been funded in 2013/14 by action medeor and implemented by PEFO Uganda in Jinja district Uganda, East Africa as a response to challenges faced by older persons
Aid in reverse - compensation for health worker migration
Exploring the phenomena whereby rich countries have actively recruited health workers from the Global South, causing a catastrophic shortage of health workers in those countries, Health
The need for reform of illicit drug policy
For health organisations, it might seem obvious that the issue of illicit drugs is a public health issue. However, current policies at the national and international level treat drugs
Youth today: DO IT!
“Actua” (“Do it!”) is a joint project of four associations in the Navarra province, Medicus Mundi Navarra, Ilundain Foundation, Escuela de Tiempo Libre Urtxintxa, and IPES Elkartea, who
Family planning as part of political campaigns
After almost 40 years of silence population control seems to be back in the debate of global development policy. Shaped by population theories of Thomas Robert Malthus in the 19 th
The global governance for health arena in 2014
2014 started off as ‘just’ another year for Wemos, MMI and other civil society organizations attempting to get human resources for health into the limelight as an essential part of
Training doctors in Africa: "What are Italian students doing down there?"
Since 2005, almost 200 Italian medical students decided to take a step outside of their usual habits and traditional curriculum to go see firsthand a real situation of international
Safe delivery in rural DRC: A motorcycle ambulance project
Untill recently, the pregnant women of the Kinzamba healthzone (DR Congo) had to walk or cycle for tens of kilometers to reach a hospital. The dirt roads are in such a bad state that no
Universal Health Coverage in Fragile States
Until recently, many of the debates around Universal Health Coverage (UHC) addressed health coverage in middle-income countries and emerging economies. How the debates play out
Tax, the extractives industry and health in Sierra Leone
Health Poverty Action has launched a report highlighting how making extractive companies in Sierra Leone pay more tax could provide vital support to the health system. Entitled ‘Healthy
Global Conference on Religion and Sustainable Development affirms role of faith actors
Washington DC, 7-9 July 2015. "A highly significant conference brought together 130 attendees to discuss Religion and Sustainable Development. (...) The conference attracted a unique combination
Drug Policy and the SDGs
"The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were launched in September 2015, made up of 17 Goals and 169 Targets that set out a plan of action that will shape the mainstream development agenda for
Solidarity begins beyond aid
It is good and just to give homeless people shelter for the night, wrote Bertolt Brecht. He added, however, that this will not change the world, or shorten the age of exploitation. By
CWGH's role at the 18th International Conference on Aids and Sexually Transmitted Infections in Africa
The Community Working Group on Health (CWGH) played a critical and pivotal role during the just ended 18th International Conference on Aids and Sexually Transmitted Infections in Africa (ICASA)
Implementation Research: Practice of NGOs and Political Challenges
Measurement and evaluation as well as looking for evidence: Implementation Research on projects and programmes is of increasing importance within health cooperation. But how does good
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