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Systemic failure
When national health-care systems fail, the effects can be global: epidemics spread across borders, with serious diseases breaking out again and again. Accordingly, health is a global
Democratizing the World Health Organization
A progressive erosion of the democratic space appears as one of the emerging challenges in global health today. Such delimitation of the political interplay has a particularly evident impact
Focus on fragility
"In 2015, the agenda for the UN’s Millennium Development Goals will be renewed. New plans are currently being made. At Cordaid , we are convinced that addressing fragility remains a key
Health workforce shortages and international mobility in the EU: New HW4All report calls for action to address impending health workforce crisis in Europe
A report by the European civil society project «Health workers for all and all for health workers» (HW4All) that includes the several MMI Network members as well as the MMI secretariat warns of
The Health Worker Crisis - an analysis of the issues and main international responses
The report "The Health Worker Crisis - an analysis of the issues and main international responses" produced by Health Poverty Action gives an overview of the impact of the brain drain on
Caring for carers - a relevant concern? Globally sustainable and fair personnel policies for the Dutch health care sector
Globally sustainable and fair personnel policies for the Dutch health care sector: What does it mean in practice? The Netherlands-based organisation Wemos published a booklet intended for
A shelf matters!
Lokang Peter Dario is Pharmaceutical Assistant at Omeo Dispensary in Eastern Equatoria, South Sudan. When he was entering the small pharmacy of the health facility he had to pick all
Working hard for the poorest of the poor
The Humanitarian Aid Foundation Redemptoris Missio was designed as medical facility for polish missionaries who work in the farest corners of the world for the most needy people. From
Happy End for Zine
Zine is a little boy who came to Italy when he was only 7 months old. He lives in Iraq, born in a poor and humble family, which, as many other in Iraq, suffers the consequences
We called her Chantal...
We called her Chantal – her parents had not thought of a name yet, as they weren’t sure she would make it. In fact her twin brother already died a couple of months ago. Chantal
No more teenage pregnancies in Myove, Rwanda
One determined nurse is making sure no more teenagers in her community will get pregnant against their will. Christina de Vries, reproductive health advisor at Cordaid , was impressed,
Realising the Right to Health with Disaggregated Data
The health of the most poor and marginalised communities around the world will not be improved without better data collection practices. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which
How to address the shortages of children's medicines
A significant proportion of the health care resources at any level is spent on medicines and health supplies. Unfortunately in spite of this, access to medicines remains a global
Afghan women take control of their own lives
For several years HealthNet has been working in addressing the needs of women and vulnerable people in Afghan communities and provinces. After a 3 year programme, this year we see it
Honest Accounts? The real causes of global poverty
Health Poverty Action , July 2014. There is a story that governments of donor countries like to tell about the rich world’s relationship with Africa. It is a story of generosity, charity and
Access to medicines - an issue of social justice
"EPN believes access to medicines is a basic human right and every effort should be made to ensure that all actors in the health sector take up the challenge of ensuring that medicines are
Zimbabwe: CWGH Position Paper on the Budget Allocation for the Health Sector for 2015
"We have shared the position paper with the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Health and the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Health. The paper was drafted after collecting community
Universal Health Coverage in fragile states
"Many of the debates on healthcare for everyone (universal health coverage) address the needs of middle-income countries and emerging economies. How to realize universal health
Added Therapeutic Value: European citizens should get their money’s worth
Amsterdam, 1 October 2014 / Wemos. "A study in Germany, France and the Netherlands highlights an alarming trend: the majority of medicines granted marketing authorisation has no added
Partnering with African Faith-Based Organizations for a Strong Health Workforce
"Faith-based organizations (FBOs) play a key role in providing health care in many parts of the world. According to the World Health Organization (2007), FBOs own and operate an estimated
Development of a Global Strategy on Human Resources for Health: Input by the Medicus Mundi International Network
Since early 2014, the Global Health Workforce Alliance (GHWA) has been coordinating a broad-based  public consultation , through the development of 8 thematic papers, to collate evidence
Mozambique: A luta continua
A documentary about the tortuous path Mozambique is living in the construction of its public health system. By Medicus Mundi Catalunya . It's been more than 30 years since the dream to
Civil society organisations in Zimbabwe call for UHC for the post-2015 health goal rather than just "MDG plus"
"While major consultations are underway both at national and international level on what happens following the lapse of the Millennium Development Goals next year, civil society in Zimbabwe has
Aid remains crucial source of finance for development
On Thursday the 20th of November, the Concord Aidwatch 2014 was launched at the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Paris. Concord Aidwatch has
Nurses and doctors in a globalized context
"'Hanna Wafula lives in a small village in Zambia. She is 50 years old and lives with her husband and four grandchildren. Three of her six children have died: two when they were very young, and
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