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Alma Ata takes its revenge
"Thailand and Brazil, countries with deeply different traditions and cultures, have both opted to invest in primary care to guarantee all citizens the right to care. A lesson for all of us, 34
Burundi, a hopeful time bomb
“Despite everything, there’s still hope” proclaimed the headline of a Burundi Saturday paper on 16 February. It’s just a few months since optimistic donors in Genera were saying
Gender Inequality and Fragility in the post-MDG Framework
Despite the progress that has been made in achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), fragility and gender inequality risk undermining development in many countries and reversing the
Mothers and children first: the results of the surveys on coverage, quality and equity of health services in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda
Download the results of the surveys by DWA Cuamm on coverage, quality and equity of health services as PDF files: Ethiopia Tanzania Uganda "We continue to work towards
The Sweet Smile of Alexandra
In October 2012 Emergenza Sorrisi – Doctors for Smiling Children N.G.O. and N.P.O. (formerly Smile Train Italia) has completed a humanitarian project to give joy to smile to a 3 years
Bridging the gap between communities and formal health services
Despite the indicator of 90% of births attended by skilled health personnel under Millennium Development Goal 5 (to reduce maternal mortality by ¾), 52 million births still take place
Miriam's story
Like many other women from Burkina Faso, Miriam lives in Ivory Coast with her husband. Her family had emigrated there to find work. After some years, still in her twenties, she goes
Celebrating the 20th Anniversary
Medicus Mundi Poland was created on the basis of “Redemptoris Missio” Foundation in Poznań, Poland. The Foundation started at the Clinic of Tropical and Parasitic Diseases, University
Essentials of Pharmacy Practice Course
“She is now very competent and assists patients in the dispensary. She is able to carry out her responsibilities with confidence.” This is a feedback of the supervisor at a community
A new Healthcare Model for Latin America
Medicus Mundi (medicusmundi) Navarra is promoting an intercultural, comprehensive and inclusive healthcare model in Guatemala, Bolivia and Peru which aims to transform the continent’s
The role of faith-inspired health care providers in Sub-Saharan Africa and public-private partnerships
The World Bank Publication "The role of faith-inspired health care providers in Sub-Saharan Africa and public-private partnerships (Vol. 1 of 3): Strengthening the evidence for faith-inspired health
Healthcare in the Development Agenda post 2015
A declaration by Medicus Mundi Spain approved at their Jubilee Assembly in June 2013. The proposal of Medicus Mundi Spain: Universal, Global and Public Health Coverage. Spanish version:
Health: taking care of Europe
The focus of the last issue of Health and Development, the journal of Doctors with Africa Cuamm , is on health in Europe, with contributions by Cuamm director Don Dante Carraro (Health: a
Health care approach successful in Congo Brazaville
In Congo Brazzaville, Cordaid and Memisa Belgium introduced performance-based financing (PBF) in health care in 2012. They did so at the request of the Congolese government. PBF changed a
Implementing standard operating procedures, guidelines and standards
The 2013 edition of EPN 's Pharmalink is now available online. To read about how implementing standard operating procedures, guidelines and standards can improve the quality of your services,
Global health in crisis: The creeping disaster
The news reaching us from Greece is shattering: “Growing numbers of suicides due to the greatest economic crisis since 1929”, “Chronically ill lacking access to medicine”, “Doubling in the
Good governance for global health
Public health is strongly influenced by the effects of globalization, which range from free trade to climate change to population growth. Many of the health challenges facing us today are
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