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Chances for Change – Dutch measures to improve the global distribution of health personnel
The Dutch Alliance for Human Resources for Health is concerned about the global maldistribution of human resources for health (HRH), which particularly affects the health of people in developing
The Globalization of Clinical Trials: Testimonies from Human Subjects
In this book, the Wemos Foundation presents the testimonies of people participating in clinical trials in Poland, Russia, the United States, China and India. The book gives insight in the
A year of unexpected smiles
In 2010, thanks to the organization of successful surgical missions and scientifical workshops, Smile Train Italy developed a great position on international cooperation focused on health-care and
Inclusive primary health care in Guatemala
A story from Guatemala, told by Medicus Mundi Navarra, a member of the Federation Medicus Mundi Spain (FAMME). The story is told twice: how it could have happened, and how it really was. The
Integrating antiretroviral treatment into primary health care: Exploring a diagonal approach
Programmes aimed at fighting single diseases have helped many, but they have also weakened public health systems. This does not have to be the case. Individual disease programmes can help to
Strengthening district health systems in Karamoja
In Karamoja in northern Uganda, many children do not live to see their fifth birthday. In an initiative to improve child survival, Doctors with Africa Cuamm has formed a partnership with UNICEF to
"I think our role is to raise the voices of churches in advocacy for human resources, particularly in pharmaceutical human resources"
Donna Kusemererwa is the Executive Director of the Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network , a Christian non-profit organization committed to the provision of quality pharmaceutical services as a means
Addressing Non-Communicable Diseases by investing in health workers
"With this letter, we also want to highlight the crucial role that health workers have in the prevention and control of NCDs and the need to set concrete targets for addressing the critical
Prima le mamme e i bambini
Mothers and children first. Mothers' access to safe childbirth and neonatal health free of charge. "We continue to work towards strengthening healthcare systems, which has become our key
Global Health Leadership and the Mandate of the WHO
After 60 years of esteemed leadership, the World Health Organization (WHO) is embroiled in a crisis of identity characterized by underfunding, incoherent policy prioritization and administrative
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