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Improving access to high-quality low-cost essential medicines in Tanzania - assessing an NGO's contribution

"This study shows that action medeor, though being a small NGO, has managed to contribute to improved quality of locally manufactured drugs in Tanzania – through capacity building and technology transfer – and to increased supply of medicines, especially to private non-profit customers, leading to better availability of medicines at health facility level. This indicates a clear contribution to improved access to medicines within the Access Framework. The success of the individual activities and their overall impact was and is strongly dependent on alignment with national priorities and on a regulatory framework being conducive. Therefore, the attribution gap remains high, and due to the complexity of interactions the contribution to access is not quantifiable. The NGO’s cooperation with national stakeholders has already been strong in the past, however, further exchange is required to ensure the sustainability of the implemented projects and for AMT to widen the customer range as a precondition for lowering the prices. Interaction with other international actors should be improved to increase harmonization and achieve synergistic effects."

Thesis submitted by Christine Häfele-Abah (action medeor) to the Department of Tropical Hygiene and Public Health, Heidelberg University, August 2010

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