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Conceptos básicos sobre cooperación y educación para el desarrollo
Medicus Mundi Navarra, a member or the Federation of Medicus Mundi Spain FAMME, published a reader on basics of cooperation and education for development (Spanish language, 2009, 146 pages)
Dar Naïm's community health insurance scheme
"Dar-Naïm’s community health insurance scheme (Mutuelle Communautaire de Dar-Naïm or MCSDN) was founded in January 2003 and focused on one of the poorest areas of Nouakchott, Mauritania. An equity
Contracting and Perfomance Based Financing
The issue 4/2009 of the journal " Salute e Sviluppo " (Health and Development) published by Doctors with Africa Cuamm contains articles related to contracting and performance based financing:
MMI Annual Report 2009: Work in (good) progress
Contents: The end of something – and the beginning of something new. By Guus Eskens, President of Medicus Mundi International MMI Working Group “Human Resources for Health”: From Geneva to
“We will make the MMI Network a real community of change for strengthening health systems”
The MMI Network Strategy 2011-2015 is a general framework which explains how our Network shall pursue its vision and carry out its operational mission during the five years ahead. Our strategic
A stronger voice of civil society at the World Health Assembly?
Many civil society organizations interested in “making WHO work better” (title of a Global Health Watch discussion paper, 2006, available as PDF ) were frustrated by the way the World Health
Annual Report 2009 of Medicus Mundi Switzerland
The Annual Report of Medicus Mundi Switzerland is available in German ( PDF ) and French ( PDF ).
Annual Report 2009 of Wemos
Cily Keizer, Wemos Director, writes in the annual reports' foreword: "Our global context is changing rapidly. The global food and energy crises have taken a dramatic toll on the poor and some
Annual Report 2009 of Doctors with Africa Cuamm
"A total of approximately 90 international volunteers work with Cuamm in the field, alongside approximately 500 local workers. This constitutes development in the broadest sense of the word:
I see a strong network of human resources for health advocates...
Doris Mwarey is the Regional Human Resources Specialist with the African Christian Health Associations Platform (ACHAP) . In this role, she supports the Christian Health Associations in
Access to medicines for all
The issue no. 117 (September 2010) of the Bulletin of Medicus Mundi Switzerland is a collection of contributions in English, French and German on the challenge of improving access to
Improving access to high-quality low-cost essential medicines in Tanzania - assessing an NGO's contribution
"This study shows that action medeor, though being a small NGO, has managed to contribute to improved quality of locally manufactured drugs in Tanzania – through capacity building and
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